Art Music Galore!


March 23
The Beautiful Melody
H appy Friday everyone! We are so glad the weather has recovered from how it was earlier this week! As we head into our much anticipated spring break we had a very short day at school. Short day or not we were ready to have fun with our friends! Chloe was very busy today greeting her friends and helping them with their morning jobs!
We mainly focused on our special canvas art today. We pasted newspapers and fabric on our canvas yesterday and today we got red and yellow paint and repainted our canvas. We all waited for our turn to paint, we were offered a lot of different tools to paint our canvas. Nimo played the Ukulele for us and we danced and painted. Olivia and Henrik discovered that the canvas was a little bouncy so they started to jump and dance as they hit the canvas like a drum. Other friends saw how much fun Olivia and Henrik were having and they joined in on the action.
For our last day of International Month we had Lio’s mom Meri come in for Japan and she sang traditional Japanese folk songs. First, we got together and danced to “Ai Ai”, “Pineapple” and “Rocket ship”. Meri showed us the actions for the songs and we moved with the song. Each song had very different actions so we learned a lot of new moves! For our second part of our music time we had Meri play the piano and sing us traditional songs and some of us knew the words to the song and we sang together. Boy! Meri played the piano beautifully and her singing was amazing. We sang “Zou-san” which was an elephant song and a song about a pig, racoon, fox, and a cat. When Meri sang about the animal we would make the animal sound. It was a very catchy and fun song. Meri finished up by playing for us some of our favorite songs! She played the “Mickey Mouse” song which we all went crazy for, she finished up with the Little Mer-maid song which was a beautiful treat for our ears. Thank you very much Meri for com-ing and treating us with your amazing talent with the piano and singing for us!
Our mommies and daddies came early today for pick up and just like that our day was done. And thus we have begun our Spring Break! I wonder where all our friends are going to go and what experiences they are going to have. We are so excited to come back to school and chat with our friends and teachers about it!
Until then!
The angelic Musicians of Buds Class 2018