Who’s making that sound?


Good morning friends and teachers! It’s an-other beautiful day and we’re always excited to come to our classroom. We wondered what activities are prepared for us because our tables looked so busy with art materials and sensory materials. After finishing up our morning jobs, we went to the art table and John-john showed us how to make a jungle. Our project this time was to put some leaves on the tree trunks that we stuck last week. We got some tissue paper and ripped them into tiny pieces or strips and then John gave us paintbrushes to dip in the glue. We started spreading the glue all over the place and finally, we finished putting on the leaves all over the jungle art project.

On the other table were the sensory materials again. This is our favorite stop now in our class because we always wanted to sense, touch and feel the grains of rice, texture of the shells and pine cones. Lastly, we all went to the other side of the room where Kiki and some of our friends were playing. We en-joyed building construction with our Lego. We had built some vehicles and buildings around the class-room and we’re also learning a lot of connecting and putting the blocks together.

After cleaning up the toys, we all made a circle on our own and started singing, “Make a circle, wide and round, wide and round…” Later on, we went to the other side of the wall because we had to move the furniture. While waiting for Miyashita-sensei to come, we all sang the “Wheels on the bus” and had a finger puppet story about “Mr. Brown and Mr. Black”. It was cool to use just our fingers to make our own pretend houses.

Miyashita-sensei came and we all started our gym class. We did our morning stretching and warm-up. Then, we did the animal actions just like the usual routine. Next, he brought out an obstacle course that we needed to go through. It was a bit challenging but we were able to accomplish it because our teachers were there to guide us and help to finish the whole course. For our last game, Miyashita-sensei played the popular “ghost game” and again, we surely had a blast playing and moving our beloved gym class teachers.

We also did our small circle time and today, we talked about the farm animals. Initially, John asked us what animal sounds we hear from his mo-bile device. When each animal sound was turned on, we instantly knew what it was and told John proudly that we had the cat, pig, horse, rooster and dog. We were then asked if there are any farm animals we know and we replied, “sheep and goat” others said, “snake”. We also had the fake grass and we all touched and felt it. Then, all the farm animals played on the grass and next time, we’re going to talk more about the other farm animals that we have yet to learn today. For our final song, we sang “Old MacDonald had a farm…”

We walked around the neighborhood and saw the makeshift waterfall. Underneath, we looked at our reflection in the water. We touched the water a little and it made a ripple in the water. It was really interesting to see how our faces were changed by a moving water.

Lots of love,
All the active animal explorers from Buds class 2017-2018