Buds Ballerinas

Welcome February!

It’s the first day of February! January flew by in a flash and now we are in the second month of 2018! We started our brand new month with a brand new neat little gizmo! Out on the carpet area we had a table that would light up, we were supplied with various things to put on it and play. We did our own exploration and put different things on it to see what would happen. We also got new sand to play with, we love sand and how it feels in our hands. It’s been a month since the start of the new school year and our relationships with one another and our teachers have gotten closer. We are beginning to enjoy playing with our friends rather than just by ourselves. It’s can be a little difficult when we all want the same thing, but we do our best to negotiate with one another.
It’s Thursday, and we know what that means! It’s Maryna’s Ballet time! We did our greetings and our warm-up routines then started dancing! Our first song was “What’s the weather today”, The song was about the different weathers we can have and Maryna showed us actions for each of the weathers in the song. We sang and danced to “Baby Shark” which is undoubtedly still our favorite song. We had a work out dance, where we danced like scarecrows, we used our whole bodies for the dance which helps develop our muscles. We then got into a big circle and shook our bodies! We gave Maryna a big thank you hug and went to have our snacks.
After we finished up our snacks we got ready to go for the park, we were hoping we could beat the rain, but unfortunately it started to rain on our way there. Instead of playing at the park we took a long walk around the neighborhood and had a nice chit-chat with our friends and teachers. We had a great time singing songs about the rain and feeling the rain fall onto our heads.
We had a fantastic start into February! We are so excited for what this month will bring us! Stay warm and have a great night!
The curious little explores of Buds 2018

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