Nice to see you, Miyashita-sensei!


(Walking…running…walking…running…stop!) – Miyashita-sensei


            Good day everyone! We’re excited to be here again for another great week at Ohana. First, we grabbed our music instruments and started making music around the classroom. We got the bells, ukulele and some percussions. We walked around with our helmets on and we started singing and playing our favorite songs. On our tables, we also had some stacking blocks that we could manipulate. Here, we are learning how to categorize shapes and colors accordingly. For our age, it is important to practice this skill to enhance our logical thinking. For our older friends, it was just a breeze to do it but for our new friends it took time for them to finish what they needed to do. Kiki was so kind to take time and give her guidance to all of us.


            The other side of the room was filled with fun things too. We had the colorful blocks and one friend of ours said that he wanted to make a dinosaur house. Every time we go to the park, we always see this old house and sometimes we pretend that a dinosaur is living there. Our friends were quite excited to see how this miniature dinosaur would turn out. There was a tower beside the house and lots of blocks around it. The finished product was quite amazing because it did resemble like a real house. We were also curious about our life books. We took time looking at them.


            Yay! Miyashita-sensei is here and we’re good to have another fabulous gym class with him. It is nice to see him again because we knew that he was sick for a few days. Now, we’re back on track! We started our class by stretching like doing a banana pose and putting our hands as high as you could.


            Our first task was to go around the green mat while Miyashita-sensei was saying “aruku…harushii…and stop!” We crawled, jumped and walked as part of our routine for the task. The next challenge was to roll over the green mat and walked under the string like a crocodile. We could also jump over it if we wanted to. The last part was the ghost game. We were all good at this because nobody got caught during the whole game. We said goodbye to him and we all had a great gym class day again! Thank you, Miyashita-sensei!


            Thank you so much for another beautiful day at the park! We always look forward to come and play with our friends here. We sang the Mr. Golden Sun song because it was fantastic to see Mr. Sun shining so bright up in the sky.    

            We also read books today. One was The Cats’ Pajamas and the other one was Little Elephant listens. Terry the Triceratops was listening with us too and we’re all attentive during the whole story time. Thank you so much Ohana for a fun day! See you all again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

All the sporty children from Buds class 2017-2018

Ohana International School