Same, Same But Different

February 16th, 2018

Dear Parents,

‘We walk the same path but got different shoes, we come to the same Petals class but got different feelings. We are same same but different’



We discussed our feelings and while some of us were happy, some were excited or tired or grumpy or sleepy or even sad. Then Wil taught us a new feeling – ‘hangry’. We think it means ‘hungry + angry’ together. We all come to the same class but have different feelings. We are all the same but different.

When we got ready to go to the park, we noticed that we all have different shoes but walk the same path. We are all the same but different.

We played a game, in which we saw a strip of paper with some shapes. For example, in a row of stars, there was a heart or in a row of squares there was a rectangle. They were all shapes but of different kind. We were quick to point out the odd one.

We are learning about different kinds of shapes. Since we learnt about flags of different countries yesterday, we got inspired to create our own flags for our Ohana school. We looked at various flags from different parts of the world and noticed the shapes and stripes common in them. Our teachers cut out lots of shapes for us and we spread glue on it to stick in in own Ohana flag. We made sure to stick the Ohana International School’s symbol, the picture of a hibiscus flower on our flag. It’s a work in progress and will take a few weeks to complete. We all made same Ohana flag, but they were all different.

 Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw wrote an amazing book called ‘Same, same but different’ and we enjoyed reading it. It was a story of friendship between two boys from different cultures on opposite sides of the world. Kailash from India and Elliot from America become pen pals through a school project. Through letters and pictures, they share their worlds with one another. They learn that they both love to climb trees, have pets and ride a school bus. Elliot’s favorite class is art, where he can be anything, while Kailash’s favorite class is yoga, where he can be anything. Their worlds might look different, but they are actually similar.


All of us in Petals Class

Ohana International School