Singing and dancing on a wintery day


Good morning everyone! We had a fabulous time again in Buds class. We always loved to play and experiment what we could do in the classroom. After doing our morning jobs, we noticed that there were no toys on the carpet. We were thinking what was going on. We stopped for a while and looked at ourselves in the mirror. Our teachers were also there and watching what we’d do if there were no toys around. Amazingly, we noticed that all of us gathered around and danced in front of the mirror and moved like different arctic animals. We walked like a penguin and crawled like a polar bear. We also looked around the classroom and found the boomwhackers. Liezel put up a called,”Energizer Dance—Charlie Bear Agadoo”. The song was very catchy aside from the fact that he was also a polar bear, he taught us how to move our bodies really well. We put our hands up, jumped up and down and turned around as we went along with the song. Liezel was very good in dancing and singing so we all got along and enjoyed the whole performance.

After our dancing session, we all took our musical instruments out and John kindly sat down with us and started his circle time. We talked about our favorite songs in winter holidays. Some of us requested to sing “Jingle bells” and others said, “Santa Claus song (Santa Claus is coming to town), Dreidel song and Oh Christmas tree”. We also requested to sing a little bit of ABC as well. John also asked us about his guitar whether it is sad or happy. We all said it was a little sad so he had to tune it properly. After a few minutes, we sang more songs in the classroom. It was so much fun!

Today, we loved to do our table activities. We made some tinsels and we used scrap paper. It turned out to be so colorful and nice sensory activities. Lastly, we also played with our snow powder that Liezel and Chiaki made yesterday. It was really nice to use our hands and just feel the whole texture.

We went to the park and we noticed that the orange barricade around the swing area was gone. Liezel said that they already fixed the swing and it’s good to play on it again. We loved going up and down the slides and all of us were so excited to run around and enjoy the wonderful wintery weather. We saw Flowers Class going up the hill and they said that they are going to Arisugawa park. We’re pretty sure that they had so much fun playing there in the big space.

Thank you so much for another beautiful day Ohana. Winter school is really fun! See you all again tomorrow on our last day.

Lots of love,

All the winter dancers from Buds class

Ohana International School