Surprise, Surprise!

December 13th 2018


It’s almost time for the Christmas party! Today we added more decorations to our Christmas tree when we came in but you’ll just have to wait for tomorrow to see it for yourself. In the morning, we started off the day with some free play. We enjoyed working on the 300 piece sea creatures puzzle, playing with Lego, counting cubes, making names with random objects and making whatever we want with scrap paper. Ke made a mask that turned into an eye cover.



When we were done with activities Hisami sat us down in a semi circle drew an “S” on a strip of paper and asked us what starts with /s/ “Snake, sunny, Sota” were some of our answers. When Sa was called on she said, “Another Sarah”. Then Hisami wrote down “a” and asked us what words have the /a/ sound. We responded with, “Ava, Ai, apple, Alona, eyes.” Then she moved on to /n/, “Nest, Natan, no, Norway, necklace and neck.” were our answers for “N”. The next letter was “T” which we said, “Taiga, Temma. Taisei and Tiger”. Temma said, “The animal Tiger not Taiga.” The last letter is another “a”. Then Hisami asked us “What does this say?” We sounded out the letters and Sa said, “Santa”. After that Hisami took the piece of paper the cut up the word into letters. She mixed it all up and asked us to put it back together.


We were told that we were going to have a very special visitor to our class today. To prepare for the visitor we all closed our eyes and counted down from ten. “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…” When we opened our eyes there was a lady sitting in front of us. Who can she be? Or seems to have a big grin on his face. It was Or’s mom, Clare! She came here because she wanted to read to us. She asked us if we know what “rhyme” means and explained that it’s when words sound the same. Then she pulled out a book that was beautifully colored with red, green and white. The book was called, How The Grinch Stole Christmas and what a perfect timing because tomorrow will be our holiday party. It was an very interesting story about how this Grinch doesn’t like Christmas because of all the noise in Whoville. Determined to end the happiness and noise he decides to steal Christmas. Even with all his evil attempts the Whos still seems to be merry and sang songs. When he heard them singing the Grinch had a change of heart, “Maybe, Christmas, perhaps, means a little more.” What a wonderful story Clare! Thank you for teaching us that Christmas is not just about presents and thank you for the Chocolate. Even though it’s not all about presents it’s still nice to have a little treat to take home. We’re looking forward to the next parent reader. It’s so great meeting our friends moms. We wonder who we will have next time?...

Today is Thursday so you know what that means, we have dance class with Maryna. We can’t tell you what we danced to because it was a practice rehearsal for tomorrow. Here a sneak peek of what’s going to happen.


It was cold today but that didn’t stop us from going to the park. The best part of park time today was that we had the whole place to ourselves. We were able to run all over the place. It was a fantastic time. Hope you all stayed warm today and had a marvelous day.



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