Practice Makes Perfect!


Dearest Mom and Dad,

Today was yet another cold day– we sure hope it will snow this winter!

We had our magnetic letters and whiteboards on the table. We stuck some letters on the magnet, then we used markers to try and copy them.

On the carpet, we put out our stickle bricks. “Look, I have a sandwich!” Z said, as she stuck two bricks together. W created something twisty that looked like number 8.

Some of our friends were busy cooking up a storm in the kitchen area. We suddenly missed Y who loved making fruit salad with all the apples. X offered an apple to Pauline, which she gladly bit into. “Uh– oh!” V said, and when he turned the apple, there was a worm!

Maryna came to rehearse with us for our winter party presentation. We picked two of our favorites, and as always, it’s fun to dance with Maryna.

Before we had our snacks, we said hello to Pam, a new teacher who will be with F when he’s in school. After snacks, we sat down together, and Pauline said that as our winter party is drawing near, we’re getting busier and busier. So some of us went with Kiki and Sayaka to finish writing a holiday message for someone– ahem– near and dear to our hearts *hint, hint*. It was also a great time for us to practice our pencil grip; we heard our teachers call it “froggy fingers”.

Some of us went with Pauline to finish some– ARGH– we’re sorry, it’s quite difficult to tell a story about something that we need to keep secret. Let’s just say, we had fun doing it, as it showcased our talents and– and– that’s all we have to say!

Some of our friends were completing an alphabet puzzle on the floor. At first, we didn’t know how the pieces will fit together. But, we found out that working together really helps us finish the job faster! They finished the puzzle over questions of “Do you know where this goes?” “What letter is this?”, and they cheered when they were done.

On the other table, we had our favorite Zingo. We tried to copy what our teachers were doing, as they take out chips and ask questions like, “Does anyone have a cat?” or “And the next picture is… a shoe! Who has a shoe?” Some of our friends used the chips to practice their counting and we could hear them going “1...2...3...4..”

So that sums up our Tuesday– how was your day?



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