Buds' Winter Holiday Party

Menorah and Sock.png

Dear Mom and Dad,

Today was a fabulous day and we just enjoyed having you on our Winter Holiday celebration. Our classroom was filled with decorations! We started our day by playing with our trains and tracks. It was pretty obvious that our classroom was set up differently. We did our morning free play for quite a while and waited for everyone to come in for another special day. John and Nimo practiced their pieces with the piano and violin. We learned a lot of songs recently and we really liked showing our singing talents in the classroom. Our parents came and started playing with us as well. We eventually formed a circle and proceeded with our Winter Holiday program. We started singing the good morning song followed by the Christmas medley and the Dreidel song.

Thanks Mom and Dad for coming to our party. Thank you for dancing and singing with us because we loved doing these amazing things with you. The treats were so yummy as well and oh...we really ate so much today. Again, thank you for everything!

Wishing everyone HAPPY HOLIDAYS and enjoy your vacation this holiday season!

Lots of love,

All the Holiday celebrants from Buds class


Ohana International School