Scrub Splash Rub ,,, Car Washing Activity

January 31st, 2018

Dear Parents,


‘Scrub splash scrub slash, up and down, round and round’ was our motto as we cleaned our friend M’s car at his garage. Yes, we gave a personal service to him by walking up to his garage and washing his car there. In his own words, “My car is a little bit dirty, so you have to clean it”. None of us have any experience of washing the car before and hence we had to research. Our teachers always say that internet is a great source to find out information. We saw some videos of car cleaning last week and our teachers noted down the steps for us to remember.

1.  Prepare the car shampoo by adding a few drops of shampoo in a bucket of water.


2.  Spray the car with water hose

3.  Clean the roof of the car

4.  Clean the body of the car

5.  Clean the wheels of the car

6.  Dry the car

We reviewed the car cleaning steps and checked all the materials we needed for the car wash activity before we walked up to the garage – buckets, hose, sponges and towels, we had it all. All we need was lots of energy to clean M’s big black Toyota Vellfire. We ate our snacks and got ready to go. Some of us wore raincoats and rainboots, in case we get wet in the water. His house is next to the park we go every day and hence it was an easy walk for us.

When we got there, we greeted Yoko and Karin, M and An’s mum respectively. They very kindly volunteered to help us out. We were so surprised to see how big the car was. We wondered if we will be able to clean it in time. After preparing the shampoo, we sprayed the car with water. It was our favorite step and we felt like little firefighters. Then we cleaned the car’s body and wheels with car sponge, however, we couldn’t really reach the top. Our teachers assisted us and carried us up, so we could clean. Finally, we dried the car with special hand towel that we could wear. Karin couldn’t help commenting that it looked like ‘Sesame Street’s cookie monster’. Finally, M’s car was bright and shiny and his mum thanked us for doing this special job for her, whereas we thanked her for this wonderful experience.

We then walked to the park and played for a short time, after which we came back to school. At school, some other things we did today morning were, painting Oni masks, pattern block shape puzzle, play dough and trains. Construction activity in the sensorial tub with diggers, trucks and sand was another very popular activity.

We ended the day by singing the song ‘Time to wash the car, scrubbing bubbles bubbles..’

Today was our best day ever! Thank you friend and teachers for an amazing day!



Little Car Washers in Petals Class

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