There are sharks in the room


Walk…walk…walk…the sharks are in the room!
    Good morning everyone! Hope you guys had a great weekend with the family. We did our morning jobs with a big smile on our faces. We also feel that it’s nice to do it with our friends because it keeps us motivated to be able to understand the routines in the classroom. As we went inside our classroom, we found that the tables were all set and we’re ready to use our kitchen toys. So, the first thing we did was to get all the food toys from the kitchen set area and we started taking out the fruits, cheese and all other stuff that we can have our hands on. 
    In our carpet area, we got these playful cubes that we could stack until it becomes a tall tower. At first, we had no idea on how to play with it but when our teachers showed us how to do it we were able to stack them on our own. Another great thing about this was we were able to practice our fine motors which is how to balance them and create a tall tower. After our free play time, we packed our toys away and ready for another activity. Our teachers moved all the furniture to the other side of the room and you know what that means…it’s Miyashita-sensei’s gym class. He came to our classroom and brought some stuff for our class. First, he took the big mat and put aside and then he tied a rope that connects two chairs together. We did our morning warm-up and imitated some animal actions like we used to do. Then, we stretched our bodies and pretended like we’re bending bananas. It was really funny because Miyashita-sensei was making a silly sound every time we did that. After doing our warm-ups, Miyashita-sensei put the green mat in the middle of the room and he said in the mat there were sharks waiting for us. However, he put the cushions on top of the mat and he said that we needed to walk on it like a bridge. Then, we did it one by one and at the final part of the obstacle course, we had to jump off the cushion and jump over the ropes. There were two ropes so we had to jump twice. Another game we played was the sumo game. Here, Miyashita-sensei brought the mat and he said that we needed to push it until it falls to the floor. We did this by batch and with our support to one another, we were able to topple the mat down and we all said, “hooray!” It was time to say goodbye and we’re looking forward to our next gym class next week. 
Next up, we read a book with John and he brought out, “I don’t care said the bear”, “Polar bear, polar bear, what do you hear?” and “Waiting for the baby”. While he was reading the “Waiting for the baby” book, it was actually a picture and he needed to explain what the picture was about. While he was talking about it, one friend asked…
N: John, do you have a baby?
John: Oh dear N! I don’t have a baby but I would love to have one. 
N: You can be my brother.
John: Oh yes and you can be my sister!
B: My baby is a dinosaur!
Y: My baby is a T-rex.
John: We all know different babies and maybe if I have my own baby, I can bring him/her to Ohana one day to show you.
Everyone nodding their heads.

    Thank you so much Ohana for another wonderful day! We always look forward to see how the children prosper and to be able to learn more about themselves in the classroom. By being empathetic and compassionate towards others is one way of loving oneself. This is one of the Ohana core values that we promote to our children. It doesn’t have to be only using your words but to feel the essence of it. 
Lots of love,
All the loving children from Buds class 2017-2018

Ohana International School