Traffic Lights - Red Stop, Yellow Slow, Green Go

January 26th, 2018

Dear Parents,

We were such busy bees today as we did lots of fun activities. An did her ‘Show and Tell with Spotty’ and was so proud to talk in front of the big group. She displayed the pictures she took with Spotty and said, “I sleep with Spotty in the bed. I sleep with Spotty in the tent. Tent is hiding”. Then A added, “I go camp together in An’s house”. An then explained that they had a play date because Spotty was visiting her. Then she further explained, “Spotty looking at chocolate with his teeth. He likes brown and white chocolate. A and An and Spotty having food together”. There was another picture of An and Spotty with her two pet dogs Rafi and Hani and she explained, “like to play with doggy’s toys”. When the teachers asked her about her favorite thing to do with Spotty, An answered, “I don’t go for walk. Took Spotty in the car. Av’s house”. Thank you, An, for an amazing Show and Tell. Lo is taking him home for the weekend and we look forward to hearing his story on Monday.

‘Red light red light what do you say?

I say stop I say stop stop .. ‘

We sang this song and reviewed our knowledge about the traffic rules and then played a fun traffic light freeze game. The rules of the game were very simple in which we were to roll a car around when the music was on and the traffic light was green. When the music stopped, and the traffic light turned red, we had to stop. Gr volunteered to be our traffic police for the game along with Pauline. After further reviewing our knowledge of traffic rules, we went out for a walk to Azabu juban to see the big traffic light and zebra crossing. We were so excited and when Tem and Tai saw the traffic lights turn green, they rushed us all ‘go go go’ as we crossed from the zebra crossing. Mo noticed the sign of a train and said, “train station”. Sola noticed a helicopter and Anto was super happy to see two big trucks and was almost jump walking.


We were tired after the long walk and so we skipped going to the park today. Other things we enjoyed were building a city with the soft blocks and then navigating our cars in the city roads. Some of us also drove our cars on the foam letters and numbers that was on the floor. In this activity, apart from playing and navigating with the cars, we also learnt how to form the shape of the letters and numbers in a fun playful way.

Log and Anto spent a long time doing this activity. All of us finished working on our koma and shuji today and we even displayed it in our classroom. Many of us worked on the name train and drew the tracks on the portfolio books, after which we stuck the engine and the letters of our name on it. Then we drew the circle wheels on the train and some of us were very creative as we decided to draw sun, flowers and birds to complete the scenery.

We had a big box out on the table today and we wondered what we were going to do with it. Pernille declared that we can make it into any kind of car that we like. So, we decided to make it into a fire truck. We know that it needs to be red in color and hence we started painting it red. We can’t wait to play with it!

That’s all from us today! Have a good weekend!


Al of us in Petals Class

Ohana International School