Let’s feel the snow


Snowflakes, snowflakes, little snowflakes…little snowflakes falling from the sky

We hope that you all had a great time playing in the snow yesterday. It was a nice morning and the sun almost melted the snow away today. In the morning, we saw our teachers sweeping and scraping all the snow off the ground. It could really get so slippery outside. Some of our teachers sprinkled salt to also dilute the slushies away. Great job Ohana teachers and now, we’re ready for another wonderful day at school. First, we did our morning jobs and started packing away our stuff on the trolley. It’s actually getting a lot easier for us to do our jobs because we’re getting more familiar with it. After that, we went to the carpet area and saw animal figurines. Our topic for this month is all about animals and we’re really having a fabulous learning more about them. We lined up all our toys and pretended that they were all getting on the boat.

            On our tables, we still continued our art “ema” and added a lot more colors to it. There were a few friends who haven’t done our ema and now is the perfect time to finish everything up. John had to go upstairs because he did his music class with Flowers children. While waiting for him, Kai came down and helped us out with our routines. We sang our morning songs and danced a little. It was a great way of gathering us and enjoyed the rest of the time until snacks.

            For our circle time, we split the group into two and some children went outside and in the balcony to play with the snow and the other half stayed in the classroom to learn more about snow. We had a very interesting conversation about the snow and it went something like this…

John: What did you do yesterday?
O: We played outside. A lot of snow.
John: What did you make out of the snow?
J: We made a big, big snowman.
John: Wow! Is the snowman this big? (spreading his arms to indicate the size)
Everyone: Yes. (while other nodding their heads)
John: Do you know a song about a snow?

Then, we all started to sing the snowflake song. We also talked about what we felt when we touched the snow. John showed his hands and they made an observation. They said that his hands were cold, shiny and red. They said the word shiny because John’s hands were wet. The snow was slowly melting. So, what we did was put the snow on the try and left it on the shelf. We can have access to it from time to time when we want to. Pretty soon, the snow will start to melt. We’ll find out later.

            Thank you so much Ohana for a great day and see you all again tomorrow. Have a fun day with leftover snow and please be careful on the road. They are all still slippery.

Lots of love,

All the amazing children from Buds class 2017-2018

Ohana International School