It's Okay To Be Different!

Another week and another Friday!

Today we had an eventful day filled with so much fun. The morning started with some free drawings at our table and some fun blocks. Our new friends made their first drawings and place mats. They loved looking at all the different foods and picking out what they liked. As our new friends drew their first drawings, others wanted to join in on the fun too!

At the carpet the children played with soft toys today. Some children had a party with the toys, while others pretended their toy was a baby. We also had an interesting time looking at our friends’ outfits. We guess Minnie and Mickey are a popular choice with the children as many children worse similar outfits! 😉

Today we were delighted to see all children cleaning up happily and independently, after playing in the morning. Without any push or encouragement, the children cleaned up all their toys all on their own! We are so happy and proud to see how well they are growing up in Bud’s Class.

After cleaning up, they had circle time with Kiki. As our theme is “Diversity” and “It’s okay to be different!” Kiki introduced different types of animals and their different skins. Children did a great job guessing the animals to it’s skin. Some children even learned new animals and their skin types. Learning about different types of animals and their skin, is a wonderful way to introduce diversity to young children. They realize every animal and human have different features which make them special!

And of course, once the animals were introduced, it was time to do the animal dance!The children pretended to be monkeys, elephants and tigers, as they danced around the classroom!

Today was an extra special day as we celebrated Gaelle’s Happy Birthday at Bud’s Class! Flowers and Petal’s class joined Bud’s class as we wished and shared hugs & cards to Gaelle. We also sang our new song “It’s okay to be different” written by Shelley and John!

Once the party was done, we headed to the park. We visited our “friendly dinosaur” on the way and played with Flower’s Class at the park. Swings and the sand box were a popular choice today. Some friends even helped little friends at the swings.

Thank you so much Bud’s family for your love and support every day! We hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Lots of love,

Wild animals of Buds class 2017-2018


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