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January 18th, 2018

Dear Parents,

‘Scrub Splash Scrub Splash’ we cleaned the cars in the car wash line. It was covered in dirt and mud and grime. When the car came out, it was clean and dry. Of course, we only cleaned our toy cars. But would there be any parent who would like to volunteer their real car for us to wash? Some of us used washable markers and scribbled on the toys cars to make them dirty. Then we lined them up to wash them. After that we put them in soapy water and used scrubs and sponges to get the dirt out. Finally, we dried it using a towel. This was just a trailer and we hope to wash a real car soon J Mummy Daddy listening??!?!?!?

We continued working on our Name train and most of us finished coloring the engine. We also almost completed writing on our shuji. Sayaka helped us to put Ohana stamp on it and then put a bamboo and rope at the top, so we can hang it. our spinning top is also complete, and we hope to learn to play with it soon.

M and A spent a long time playing chutes and ladders. We were so happy to see a board game out today. We are still learning to be patient as we wait for our turns when we play. Playing board games in small groups of 2 or 3 people is just the perfect thing for us.

We also designed our own tactile sensory path today. Every time, we use just one set of blue paths, but today, we were so lucky that we got to use two full sets of the sensory path – the green and the blue ones. K and T led the designing part and placed the parts where they wanted to. Then our teachers helped us to connect it together. We remembered to take our indoor shoes off as we walked on them. It was such an amazing sensorial experience for us. G commented, “my feet is ticklish” and we all laughed.



Our highlight of the day was celebrating A and Av’s 3rd birthday in school. A’s birthday was on 8th, whereas Av’s birthday is this weekend on 21st. We celebrated the January birthdays together today. Av’s mum Vanessa and A’s mum Hideko and dad and Lu came to school to celebrate this special event with us. We began by introducing ourselves, followed by the birthday walk, in which the birthday celebrants hold planet earth (globe), where we live and go around the sun (image) as many times as their age. Since it takes one whole year for the earth to go around the sun, A and Av went around the sun 3 times because they turned three years old this month. As they walked in circles, we sang ‘the earth goes around the sun’ song. After 3 circles, we wished them ‘Happy Birthday’ and gave them a birthday crown and a card.

But what’s a birthday party without some activities and games, right? We split the group in 2 and while one group played a fun game, the other group worked on making a healthy yummy yoghurt dessert. When our groups finished the activity we were doing, we swapped.

The game was called ‘carry the coconut to the island’. Vanessa asked us if we knew where Moana is from and T said ‘island’. Then she asked if we knew what people in the island eat. M said ‘apple, bananas and strawberry’. Then someone prompted ‘coconut’. Vanessa then showed us a ball and said that since it is shaped like a coconut, we could pretend that it is a coconut that we need to transport to the people in the island. We had to work together and make a strategy of how we hold the paper like boat with coconut in it and transport it to the island. It was very exciting to play the game and even if our coconut fell, we laughed and put it back in the boat.

Hideko and Lu arranged the table for making Yoghurt Parfait. It was really tempting to not start eating it before we finished making it. We started by putting one big spoon of yoghurt in a plastic cup. Then we added cornflakes to it. This was followed by adding a variety of rainbow colored fruits like strawberry, raspberry, blue berry, kiwi and banana. We finished it off by throwing in a spoonful of sprinkles. It was so yummy, and we even added candles on it for A and Av to blow just like in a birthday cake. We then wished them one more time.

Thank you, Vanessa, Hideko and Lu, for coming to our class to celebrate January birthdays, for playing and cooking with us and for your kindness and generosity. Many thanks to Av and her family for donating a lovely book ‘Rosie Revere, Engineer’ to the class library in honor of her birthday.

We were so active today and went to the park to release some of our energy and get some fresh air. It was warm and sunny, and we enjoyed our time there.

Thank you, friends, for a lovely day together. We will see you again tomorrow!



Little car washers in Petals Class

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