Counting coins


How many coins do you want? I want three, please.

            It was a quiet morning for all of us because we’re able to do our morning jobs with ease. Our teachers were guiding us a little. We’re getting better in doing our routines and because of that, we couldn’t wait playing with our friends. On our carpet area, we had some people figurines that were all over the floor and we started picking them up and put them in a cloth house that comes with another set of furniture toys. We lined all the toys up and pretended that they are all living in the same house. We asked our teachers what type of people they were and they told that there were doctors, mechanic, messenger, vet and many more.

            The kitchen area was also busy. Some of our friends took some food toys out and they were all ready to cook something for our teachers. One of our friends got the ice-cream toys, offered it and said, “eat please!” We also had our art activities on the table and today we decorated “ema”. These are the Japanese wooden blocks. We painted on them with watercolor and then we’ll stick something on it. We decided to put a picture of a dog because it is the year of the dog. The other table was filled with different tasks too. We had the matching game with the Chinese zodiac and followed by some sensory puzzles that we had in the classroom.

            It was our early park time today. We all prepared our stuff and snacks before going out. We walked in the narrow streets. Sometimes, we can be overloaded by sensory input. Hence, we kept on touching and feeling our surroundings as much as we could. We always looked for the “dinosaur” and made our own dinosaur song. Here’s how it goes…

(To the tune of I’m a little teapot)

I am a dinosaur

Big and stout

Here are my claws and here is my tail

When I get excited, hear me “rawwwwr”

Stomping, stomping on the floor.


            When we arrived at the park, we spread our mat and got our own food. We sang our snack time song and just chowed our food down. After our snacks, we all stood up and played at the park. There were some students from the other schools and they kindle lent us their gardening toys. Next time, we’ll bring ours and we’re very willing to share what we can with other friends too. We stayed at the sand area and dug little holes for us to play with.

            It’s time to go back and this time we went the long route. We saw our pretend dinosaur house (one of the old houses in the neighborhood). John had a little peek inside the house and he said that the dinosaur was eating. We walked away quietly and said bye to the dinosaur. When we arrived at school, we had our circle time. We talked about numbers again and this time our teachers showed hand prints of various numbers. For each card, there were one…two…three…and many more. We have ten flashcards and saw ten hand prints. We compared each card to our own hand and realized that we could count the same way. Lastly, we counted some coins and donated these coins to Cambodia classroom project. Our teachers asked us how many coins we would like to have and we all replied with a number. Then, we put them all inside the big container. We all stood up again and danced away with some songs like the “number song”, “Shake your sillies out” and “Smile” song. It was another great day in Buds and we thank you, teachers for always looking after us. Have a great day and see you all again tomorrow.

Lots of love,

All the fun children from Buds class 2017-2018

Ohana International School