"F" is for "Fantastic Friday'!

                                          Playing tag in the Green Area.... Hisami is the "IT'!

                                         Playing tag in the Green Area.... Hisami is the "IT'!

Dear Mom and Dad,

       Today is Fantastic Friday! Oh, and we had the beautiful weather to match!

       Of course, all days start with our free play. We were always looking at the pictures of our hands on the wall; and we would always try to guess whose hands they were. So, Liezel asked us to trace our hands on the construction paper. We did, then we cut them out. We did our best to use the pair of scissors- it was a little bit tricky, but it was good practice for us.

       The other table had our nature set on it; some of us were interested in observing it closely with the magnifying lens with Kai, then they drew their observations on paper. Some of the girls were using the markers to paint their nails in different colors; they looked so cute and fashionable that Hisami asked the girls if they can do her nails for her, too.

       We had friends over at the big table, where they made very interesting drawings; some drew themselves, others wrote their names and other letters of the alphabet. The kitchen area was busy with a sumptuous picnic being prepared; while girls in princess costumes debated how to set up the dessert menu.

       After cleaning up, we did the calendar with Pauline. We tried our best to read the days of the week; we matched the first letter of the days to the first letter of our friends’ names. Others were a bit tricky like ‘Saturday’ and ‘Sunday’ which both started with ‘S’; so, we had to check the letter beside it, then read them together. Pauline also taught us a song about adding numbers together; like “1 plus 1:2; 2 plus 2: 4; 3 plus 3 makes 3!” and so on.

       We headed to the park after snacks. We had fun climbing on the jungle gym and imagining that we were riding a car; some played tag in the green area. We saw some of our friends from another school; they brought their sand toys with them. We asked permission, “May we borrow your sand toys?” and the teachers gladly said yes. We said our “Thank you!”, and thought that maybe next time, we’ll bring our sand toys and share it with them, too.

       That concludes our week in Flowers Class. We can’t wait what next week has in store for us!


All the fantastic children in Flowers Class

Ohana International School