One busy morning in Buds!


Hooray! We’re excited to come to Buds class again and it’s very nice to have our teachers ready to play with us again. Today, we had our special activities on the table. We put out the nature materials on our table and some tongs and trays. Our teachers showed us how to work on our pinching skills. We got the tongs and started picking up some small pine cones that we can put on our trays.

            The other table was filled with some sensory toys that can be used for practicing some fine motor skills. First we had the abacus and we had to move the beads from one side to the other. There were some colorful cups as well and we tried our best to stack them until they were arranged according to sizes. In our play area, we’re busy building our own castles again. We used our wooden blocks and it was very interesting how our teachers can make a tall construction. Sometimes, we knocked the buildings off and our teachers reminded us not to do it again because we need to learn how to respect somebody else’s work. We are still learning how to take turns and share some toys together. Luckily, our teachers are always here to remind us every now and then.

            We also love to hear stories from our teachers. Before doing that, our short circle was always full of music and songs in the classroom. We are now learning each other’s names especially those who are new in class. Amazingly, we’re all fast learners. We even helped our teachers to remember all our names in class. We also practiced counting from one to ten. We can say the numbers verbally now however, we are still learning how to associate them with the actual quantity. Maybe next time, we’ll talk about numbers and count the stones we’ll have in class. Today, we read, “Polar bear, Polar Bear, what do you see?” We learned the different animals and what sound they make. Some animals are new to us like the flamingo, walrus and boa constrictor. We also learned about their body parts and realized that they also have the same face parts as a normal person has.

            We were not able to go to the park because of the weather. But our teachers were always ready a classroom workout. We did a lot for exercises and we surely enjoyed it. Next, we meditated and did a cooling down session. We did all of these with lights off and a relaxing music background so that the atmosphere would be more serene.

            Thank you so much Ohana for another great day. See you all again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

All the energetic children from Buds Class 2017-2018

Ohana International School