Groove It, Shake It, Bend It, Stretch It!

           Look at us- all bendy!

           Look at us- all bendy!


Dear Mom and Dad,

       Today was quite rainy, so that meant no park time for us. But, of course, we make sure that every day in Ohana spells f- u- n, FUN!

       We started the day with the continuation of our hand- print making activity with Hisami; some of our friends were quite adamant about feeling the texture of the paint on their hands, but then, then ended up enjoying mixing up colors together. Speaking of enjoying textures, we had our new playdough out today, so some of our friends enjoyed playing with it. J and Y were making something that looked like a bowl with tiny eggs in it.

“What’s that?” Pauline, who will be joining our class every Thursday and Friday, asked them.

“We’re ghosts,” J explained.

“I’m the Mommy Ghost, and J is the Daddy ghost,” Y piped up.

“So, when someone eats the ghost eggs, they turn into a ghost, too,” J said. C, who also made some ghost eggs, let Pauline eat one and uh- oh! She turned into a ghost! We heard all the ghost let out a howl- and it’s not yet even Halloween yet! Heehee!

       Some of our friends were content to read books or chat with each other in the library; some played with the toy cars. Liezel was looking over our friends who did their best to sign in their names. Some enjoyed drawing; JN made an incredible cute drawing, which he said was a robot. G made the same, and even included a spaceship. T was spelling out his name while a teacher wrote it down.

       After packing away, we all sat down in a circle, and we talked about our hands again. D volunteered that we can use it for clapping, and Y demonstrated how we can lace our hands together.

“We can hug with our hands!” G also said, and we all agreed and gave each other big hugs.

“We can use the fork!” M said.

“We can eat with our hands!” C answered.

“What else can we use our hands with?” Hisami asked.

“With toys!” A answered.

“Playing football- like bouncing the ball,” D said.

“We can eat snacks!” R joined in. Then, Hisami pulled out a black bag, and began pulling out things from it, which we helped her describe: a cold, square- shaped ice pack; a round, soft pompom; a tiny, smooth glass that felt cool to the touch; a soft stuffed elephant; a pinecone and pizza that felt a bit rough. She kept them inside, and, by using just our hands, we would guess which is which. It was interesting just relying on our sense of touch.

       After our snacks, we did some indoor exercises. First, we did some yoga, and did our best to stretch and flex our bodies. Examples of poses we did were the dog, cat, and the mountain pose. Some of them were quite challenging- we heard some of our teachers grunting in effort!

       The next exercise was a freeze- dance game with Kai. We danced while the music played, and we either sat down or froze when the music stopped. Sounds easy, right? All the shakin,’ and groovin’, and jumpin’ really made us break out in a sweat!

       What a wonderful first Thursday of the new school year. We’re missing Shelley, though- we’re looking forward to seeing her again next Monday!


All the children in Flowers Class.