Takoyaki Madness

Happy Friday everyone! We finished our morning jobs and were ready to take part in what today has to bring. Since today is Tanabata festival, we started off with writing and draw out our wishes on to colored paper strips (Tanzaku). Everyone enjoyed drawing out their wishes with many different coloured markers. Afterwards we hung it on a tree for our wishes to come true by the gods. Tanabata festival is the day when the prince and the princess of the sky can meet up. Throughout the year, they are separated by the Milky Way and once a year on July 7, they can be together again. We got to watch a video that sung us a song that talks about Tanabata festival.

           To end off the week of the theme of cooking, at the other table, we were helping Chiaki get ready for Takoyaki. Takoyaki is a Japanese snack that is made out of batter, octopus pieces, tempura scraps, and cabbage. In our class today, we used sausages instead of octopus pieces because they are too chewy for us. We helped cut the sausages and the cabbage into smaller pieces with Chiaki. We then put the sausages and cabbage along with tempura scraps and water in a big bowl and mixed it all together.

While at the carpet, we were having fun building trains together with our friends. We played together to build the tracks and then we took the trains around a fun ride. We made many different tracks for the trains that were going in all different directions. CHOOO CHOOO!!!

Today was another hot day at Ohana so off to the pool we go, right after we ate our snack. It was nice to be in the cool water on a hot summer day. After going to the pool, we sang some songs and dance before lunch. We moved our bodies and some of our favorite songs: Head and Shoulder, Knees and Toes, Wheel on The Bus, Skidamarink. Thank you so much Ohana and have a lovely weekend! See you all again on Monday!

Lots of Love,

All the chef from Buds class 2017