Ready for Spaghetti!

Dear Summer School Parents,

We were excited when we walked into the class today because on the cooking table we saw ingredients to make pasta! Today our taste buds took us to Italia! First, we looked at the ingredients and named all the ingredients we needed for the pasta. We saw that we would be using gluten free spaghetti, onion, garlic, cheese, ketchup, and strips of bacon. Then we started cutting the onion and garlic to place inside the pan. After this, we cut the bacon into small pieces and placed it in the pan along with the pasta. Our final step was cutting the cheese into small pieces and mixing the cheese with the rest of the ingredients. We had a lot of fun making this recipe!



Some of us were drawn to the trains that were laid out for us. As a group, we made a road and we all chose a train to drive on the road we created. Some of the other students wanted to build so we used the construction kit to create different types of cars. We also felt like drawing so we used the animal outlines given to us to draw different animals. We had a lot of fun during free play.

Before snack time we had a short circle time where Pauline played the ukulele and we got to choose what songs we wanted to sing. After the short circle, we washed up for snack and we all ate the pasta we made in the morning. Boy, was it delicious! After snack, we got our swimmers on and then Pauline read us a funny story called Strega Nona. After finishing the story, we talked about what the main lesson of the book was, and we realized that the main lesson was to listen when someone talks to us, and not to touch what is not ours.

After we finished the story, we headed upstairs to go swim in the pool.  A few of us pretended to be mermaids swimming in the water. Some of us enjoyed playing at the sensory table and getting to feel different materials when they are wet. We felt the texture of wood, toy dinosaurs, and toy beetles. We also used magnifying glasses to see these objects up close! We also enjoyed kicking our feet under the water to watch the balls move around the pool. We had so much fun!

After we finished our refreshing swim under the sun we headed back to class where we had lunch. After lunch, we were tired out from so much play and went for a relaxing nap. Today was a fun day and we are excited to see what us chefs, will be cooking tomorrow!