The wall full of dinosaurs

Good morning friends and teachers! It’s a cool weather and we just loved the fact that we could go to the park. However, we had to say goodbye to the pool now from today because according to the weather forecast, it is going to be a rainy day again tomorrow. Thank you so much pool for the nice time and we had lots of fun splashing water around the balcony.

            Our play time was quite interesting because on the wall, we used the projector and we’re showing various types of dinosaurs from the sky, land and sea. The projection was awesome because it showed us those dinosaurs in different sizes and physical appearances. There were also some table activities that we could play today and one that we really liked was to use the pastel colors on our previous artwork. We wondered how it’s going to turn out. As far as we know, we had lots of colors/paint we used. We have used the sponges and other paintbrushes to make sure that we represented some variations on our artwork.

            The other table was filled finger puppets! We just loved to put them on and imagined that we’re actually animals from the safari. We were good at pretending like little animals in the classroom. There was also the sand table and it was really great to see our friends getting so engaged in sand play. We’ve got to see, explore and buried our hands just to feel the texture of the sand. It was really fine and a bit grainy. It was really a great learning experience for all of us.  

            We went to the park earlier today. The weather was just perfect. We played with our friends on the slide and we just enjoyed the feeling of going up and down over and over again. Our teachers told us to be careful and to see where we needed to go. Good thing that our teachers were always there to guide us when we needed help. The monkey bars were quite popular too and we always hung while lifting our feet from the ground. We can be future gymnasts someday!

After getting back to school and getting changed out of our school smocks, it was finally time for our circle time! Our Thursday circle time was lead by Chiaki! Once we made a circle and sat down, Chiaki brought out a mystery box for us, how exciting! She first pulled out a big mommy dinosaur, then an even bigger daddy dinosaur. Then a few baby dinosaurs, we all counted the babies and we counted four. She told us how baby dinosaurs start with an egg. Chiaki then pulled out a strange ball from the mystery box. The ball was a dinosaur egg! Inside where baby dinosaurs waiting to hatch. We each got our own egg and opened it up to say hello to our newborn dinos! After we all opened the eggs we got all the dinosaurs together and worked together with our teachers to identify the colors and count how many we had.

Summer school went by in a flash! Today was some of our friends last day here, and tomorrow will be the real last day of summer school. We still have one more day, so we’re going to enjoy it as much as we can! That being said, we shall see you tomorrow!


The dazzling explorers of Buds Class 2017