Time-Space-Warp to Long, Long Ago

Dear Mom and Dad,

          This week is the last week of our summer school- and, to end it with a bang, we’re going to be archaeologists/ paleontologists for this week! Ooh, exciting!  

          During morning free play, Liezel prepared something exciting- coffee playdough! I know, our teachers also got excited, to the point of making them want to eat the playdough because of the yummy coffee smell (but we said no). Then, she took out some toy dinosaurs, and we used them to make molds- oh, these look just like fossils! Hmm, interesting.  

          On the other table, we had more dinosaurs, and this time, Liezel encouraged us to draw the dinosaurs. Fresh from the “I’m an artist” week, of course we were up for the challenge. Some of our friends sat down and put their own personal touches on their dinosaurs (flowers, crowns, and hearts, heehee).   

          On the carpet, Goh- san gamely played trains with us; she even helped us build the tracks. Some of the girls bonded over princess dresses from the dress- up area; they were even helping each other button up, and fix their hair.  

          We cleaned up after, then had our early snacks. Then, we went to the park instead of doing water play. It was nice running around, but- whew! We got sweaty really fast! Our teachers would follow us around with a spray bottle filled with water, and a fan- they would spritz us with cool water and fan us afterwards- it was really refreshing!  

          We went back to school, cooled down a little, then Pauline introduced us to a tiny girl named Sammy. We all said hello to her, and she said she was an archeologist and paleontologist. Wow. Those are pretty long words, huh? Oh, and that’s why we were doing all these fossil- stuff during free play time! She made a deal with Pauline that she would tell Sammy’s story in a song, so Pauline did her best to sing.

          So, Sammy loves to dig for bones, and other fossils, so she can study and learn what happenedlong, long ago. But, one day, she fell through a hole- and she got transported to the time of the dinosaurs! In other words, she time- travelled! *Gasp!* She saw lots of dinosaurs- the stegosaurus, with bony plates on the back; the triceratops, with three horns; the brachiosaurus, with a loooooong neck; and the scary “King of the Dinosaurs”, the T-rex. But, the t- rex smelled food- it was Sammy! Sammy then made a run for it, and she fell into another hole. She kept falling until we yelled “Stop!”, and she fell back into the present time. That was a close call- Sammy nearly became lunch for the t- rex!

          That concludes the first day of our “I’m an archeologist/paleontologist” week. I wonder what we will discover tomorrow….



All the dinosaur- hunters and time- travelers in Petals and Flowers Class