Dinosaur Stomp

        Good morning friends and teachers! It’s another wonderful adventure we had in Buds class. As we entered the room, we greeted our teachers with so much excitement and expectations of what we’re going to do for the day. We’re sure that our teachers prepared enjoyable activities that we could also learn from at the same time.

            On our activity table, we had the special water play with soap and some dinosaur plastic toys. Our teachers told us that we could wash them today and of course, we all got really excited and we even volunteered to do the task. This was also part of our sensory and fine motor skills learning experience because we all need to touch and feel the information that we could get from the soap texture to the plastic toys. It felt really slippery at first and the dinosaurs always got out of our hands when we’re washing them. In the end, we were able to wash them all and it was really a good opportunity for us to work with our hands and fingers.

            The other table was quite busy too because this time, we had to use the dinosaur toys’ feet to make footprints on our artwork. We used three colors and they were green, yellow and blue. Our teachers let us choose the color we liked and it was totally an amazing art time for us! The kitchen was also packed with friends for they wanted to make apple juice and some ice-cream on this hot weather. The carpet area was filled with animal toys and some wooden figurines. We tried naming all the animals that we could find on the floor and we recognized the deer, cow (some of our friend called them “moo”), dog, fox and snake. Our teachers made a hissing sound with a snake and we got so surprised to see that the snake could hiss so loud like that.  We were brave enough to face the loud hissing sound.

            After our play time, we all went to the pool! The weather was not so sunny but we’re able to splash about and threw all the balls on the floor. We managed to pick them all up and enjoyed the whole process. We divided the group in two groups and once we’re all done, we all went back to the classroom for our circle time.

            John led the circle time today and he introduced some new friends to us. They are Rebecca rabbit and Barry the bear. They both liked to play and sing with us. However, Barry got so sleepy that he needed to say goodbye before we read the story about the dinosaurs. First, John showed his purple purse and let us touched it because he wanted us to guess what were inside it. We had no clue but when got one toy out, we all said, “Dinosaur”. He got not just one but many, many dinosaurs. However, we saw that dinosaurs can be different in so many ways. We also read the book “Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs” and it depicted lots of dinosaurs we had a long, long time ago. They also showed the dinosaurs that are frozen in the ice. It was really cool. When we touched it, we all said, “cold”.  Lastly, we danced our “Dinosaur stomp” song. We wagged our tails, stomped, flapped our short arms and roared with our big voices.

            It was again another fantastic time and we’re looking forward to have more in the last three days of summer school! See you all again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

The little paleontologists from Buds class