Fun Fun Spraying!


            We had a very busy morning today! We took care of our morning jobs quickly and dived right into the action. On our art table we had the piece we have been working on this whole week. We started by drawing on it with crayons, then we glued tissue paper on it. On Wednesday, we used the sponges to paint. Thursday we used our hands and feet to make prints, and today we used a spray bottle to spray paint on it to give it the finishing touch. It was fun experiencing different tools for artwork. On the play table we had counting bears, paper boats, and a tub of water. We counted how many bears we could load up on our little boat before it started to sink. We tried plastic cups, bowls, and other boats to see which one would fit the most bears on it.

            Today was hot, hot, hot! But, we stayed cool in the pool in the shade. There’s nothing better than splashing in the pool with our friends. We had some balls and other mirrors that we could actually play and experiment with. Our teachers got this water sprinkler and they just poured the water while we tried to touch it. Some of our friends were a bit hesitant to touch the dripping water but when they saw that all our other friends were having so much fun. They realized that it was nice and cool. Later on, they decided to join the water play.

            After the fantastic water play experience, we all went down to our classroom and had a circle time with our always-energetic-teacher Nimo! First, we all sat down in a circle and we thought that John was going to play his guitar today. But wait, Nimo got his ocarina (special wind instrument) out and he started whistling the “good morning” song. It sounded like a recorder or a flute. After we sang the good morning song with all our friends, we had Mr. Snowman join our circle time and teach us about mixing colors. We used the paint to mix the colors and see what color they turn into. It was like magic watching the colors transform into new color.

            Thank you everyone for a great week! We are excited for Archaeologist next week, but first we shall enjoy our lovely weekend! See you all next week!



The creative angels of Buds Class 2017