Michelangelo For a Day

Dear Mom and Dad,

          ¡sɐʍ ʎɐpoʇ ʎɐp lnɟᴉʇnɐǝq ɐ ʇɐɥM ¡ollǝH

          Haha! Were you able to read that? No? Well, because it was upside- down! We said, “Hello! What a beautiful day today was!” Anyway, today was like an upside- down day for us, as we had to make drawings under the table. That’s right, under!  

          When we went inside the room, we found some of our sleeping mats under the table, with pastel crayons and colored markers. We thought, maybe we would pretend like we’re camping…? But, no, it wasn’t, because Pauline asked us to draw on the paper which was stuck under the table. When we had lain down on the mats, did we see what she was talking about.   

          Ah, this was so interesting- and comfortable, too! Pauline started to draw the beach, and Y said, “I’m drawing you, Pauline!”, as she pointed to a girl outlined in pink. R was drawing in blues and greens with D. Soon after, Y, R, Ro, K, and the others, joined in, making their own doodles and scribbles, castles and caricatures. E enjoyed watching them, bending over the table to look at them in an upside- down way.  

          On the carpet, our other friends were busy with the alphabet puzzle with Liezel. Y proudly spelled out his name, both in upper case and lower-case letters. E, J, T, L, and Yi were immersed in their train- play. W and I were on the small table with Hisami, enjoying a bit of sensory play with flour, oatmeal, food color, and ice.   

          During circle time, Pauline asked us what we did in the morning, and all of us immediately answered, “Drawing under the table!” She asked us why we did it, and all of us were stumped. So, she showed us a picture of a man who she introduced as Michelangelo. Now, Michelangelo was a great painter who lived long, long ago. A place called the Sistine Chapel was built, and Michelangelo was asked to paint everything- the walls, the ceilings- and the chapel was big! So, how did he paint the ceiling? By lying on his back, just like what we did! But, do you know how long he did it? For more than 4 years! Wow, Michelangelo sure had lots of patience and determination!   

          We also read a book called “Scribble”. Now, this was a funny story, as the drawings that the two sisters named Emma and Lucie, suddenly took a life of its own.   

          We also did water play today, then lunch, then nap time. Zzzzzz. Oh, we just remembered, we heard our teacher ask us D and K, “What are you guys doing?” while they were under the table during the drawing activity. They both replied with, “We’re playing tic- tac- toe!” Hmm, probably when Michelangelo was getting bored, he probably did the same thing in between his painting…..


All the Michelangelos in Petals and Flowers Class