Et Voilà- Our Pièce De Résistance!

Dear Mom and Dad,

          It was our second day of letting out our inner Picasso and Da Vinci, so we took the chance to complete our pièce de résistance.   

          After doing our morning jobs, Hisami asked us to take off our socks and shoes, so we can step on our big artwork without making it dirty. Then, we had to dip our hands into a small tub of gooey glue. Ooh! Some of us didn’t want to do it, because they thought it felt icky. But, when they saw how much fun we were having with as we felt the texture of the glue, and smeared it all over our painting, they joined in as well. Hooray! The more the merrier! After that, Hisami gave us plastic cups full of colored paper we cut up into confetti; we threw them and scattered them around our artwork while singing, or pretending it was Setsubun day. It was fun- like putting sprinkles on a giant cupcake. Et voila! Our masterpiece is done! Pauline took a picture before it was cut up into small pieces that we can take home.  

          After cleaning up, Hisami used up the extra confetti she had, and performed one of her magic tricks. She used a glue stick to write a letter on a piece of paper, then sprinkled confetti on it. We had to guess what letter she wrote, as we waited for her to brush off the excess confetti that didn’t stick to the paper.   

          We had our warm- up yoga exercises again, as we read the book, “Little Yoga”; we did poses like different animals. Then we headed for the favorite part of our day- water play!    

          So that concludes our artsy- fartsy Tuesday. We can’t wait for tomorrow! Hopefully the weather will not be rainy….


All the artistic bunnies in Petals and Flowers Class