We are Artists!


            Good morning everyone! We had a great weekend and we're back to school! This week’s theme is “I’m an artist”! We do a lot of art already, but we will get to learn more art and its styles. To get started we had a huge piece of plain white paper on the art table with crayons. We doodled away on the open canvas until our hearts were content. On the other table we had a weaving puzzle, it teaches us shapes and helps develop our fine motor skills.

            We focused a lot on colors today. For our circle time Nimo read us a book about colors. We looked at the pictures in the book and guessed what color it was. After we got all warmed up, we played a game with John. John sang a song about colors and sometimes he would say something like, “everyone touch something….blue!” Then, we all scurried about in the classroom and looked for the color John said. The next song John sang for us was another color song but it was about our clothes. He would ask us what we were wearing and told John what we were wearing.

            The weather was rainy and cloudy this morning, but when we went up to the pool it was very sunny and was a great day for swimming! Because it was so hot outside the cool pool was very popular today. We all were splashing in the pool.

            We are going to be artist this week, so there will be lots of art! Today we used crayons to draw, wonder what we get to do tomorrow!



Young crayon enthusiasts of Buds Class 2017