Earth- Explorers and Earth- Savers

Dear Mom and Dad,

          Our “I’m an Explorer” week started off in Outer Space- then we went to the very cold Arctic and Antarctic, then the ocean, and out in the jungle. All these led up to today’s last exploration- the Earth itself.  

          In the morning, we saw some colorful ice cubes, and some that were fish- shaped. Ooh, the ice felt cool, and we enjoyed this sensory activity. Some friends said, “Ohhhh it’s very cold.” Even though we know that they are very cold, we couldn’t stop touching them. After a little while, we’ve noticed that the ice started melting and we saw colored water in the container. So, one of our friends decided to make a purple color with a red ice cube and a blue ice cube. He tried melting them together, until finally, he had purple- colored water.   

          The other table was shaving cream art. We used some pipettes to put color on the shaving cream. We really enjoyed this activity and stayed at this table for a long time. After we colored the shaving cream, we put a white paper onto it. It made an abstract pattern. Some friends asked the teachers if they can do it all over again.   

          Its circle time! We started our circle time with our morning song. Today’s circle time theme was “The earth”. Sayaka had a globe and asked us, what color the globe is. We answered that its blue, green, and brown. Sayaka also mentioned about what we can do for our earth. One of the things we can do is recycling. Sayaka had some rubbish and asked us to categorize what can be recycled and what can’t be. After we categorized them, we talked about what we can do with them. We had a good idea that we can use them as art materials. We might try it next week!   

Today was the last day for Natalie, Jen, and Renee. So, we had a little bye-bye party for them. They’ve been Ohana for 5 weeks. We are very lucky to have them and enjoyed spending time with them, especially Natalie! Thank you very much for everything and good luck to your future endeavors! We gave a little gift for them so we hope they like it!  

          After we came back from the party, We had story time and went up to the office for water play! Today was super hot and a perfect day for it! We hope we can do water play next week too! This week was very fun and next week we’re ready for “I’m an artist”. We are excited for next week too! Have a great weekend everyone!


All the Earth- protectors in Flowers and Petals Class