Our Rainbow Piñata

Buenos dias! Today was a great and special day! It was special because we had our friend's family stop by to celebrate her second birthday. Before we get to partying we have to do our morning jobs and play. On the art table we glued colored paper and paper plates together to make a lion’s mane. Our theme for today was the African safari! In our main play there were footprints of animals in our classroom.               

            After cleaning up the toys we used during freeplay time we were ready for our Adventure to the Safari! Jen read us a book about the animals in the safari. There were giraffes, rhinos, monkeys, and lions! The Safari was very different than the rainforest we saw a few days ago. The Safari was very dry with not so many trees, there also weren’t very many rivers. It was nice having the opportunity to visit a new place!

            When we got back to the buds classroom from our expedition, we got ready to celebrate a very special day for our dearest friend. We welcomed her mom Carolina into our classroom then we all sang the birthday song and gave her a birthday card and lots of hugs! Her mom brought us a Rainbow Piñata, which we got to stick colored paper to make our very own piñata for our birthday friend. For snack time we got delicious banana cake muffins! So yummy! Thank you very much Carolina, and happy birthday my dear friend!

            We all went up to the pool after snacks and our water play for the day. It was very sunny in the afternoon so the cold water feels so refreshing! Because we were so energetic today John opened up his boot camp! We danced to music and did some cardio exercises! Today was an event filled day, it’s always great celebrating our friends birthday together! Although it’s a little cloudy it’s still very hot, got to remember to drink lots of water! Time to go home and rest for another great school day tomorrow!


            Buds Class Safari Explorers 2017