Under the Ocean

Something is fishy here...

Something is fishy here...

Dear Summer School parents,

Today we had the whole day to explore life under the ocean! One of the activities that we had fun doing was making our own ocean animals. Some of us made octopuses, sharks, fish, even some mermaids. We glued on pompoms, pipe cleaners, and used markers to make our ocean animals come to life.

Some of us decided to go fishing for ocean creatures. We each took turns using the fishing rods to catch different kinds of fish. We saw that fish come in different shapes and sizes and that the ocean is home to many different types of fish. We also enjoyed playing with blocks and building towers.

After free play, we gathered around for circle time, where Natalie started off singing the Good Morning Song. She then showed us our art work, and asked us “where do the octopus, shark, and fish all live?” We answered the ocean. She then explained to us that the ocean is a large body of water that is home to many different ocean creatures. She told us that bigger sea creatures eat smaller sea creatures, and that those sea creatures eat even smaller sea creatures. She then asked us what ocean animals we know or have seen? We said we have heard about or seen hammerhead sharks, jelly fish, sea turtles, and eels.

After circle, we had our delicious snack. After snack, we joined Ms. Frizzle’s class on an adventure under the ocean! We saw many sea creatures: sharks, sea urchins, octopuses, and algae. We learned that algae help keep the ocean clean by eating the dirt under the ocean.

Right when the show finished, we had a special surprise! A surprise reader, Annie from Utah, came to read us a story called Lemons Are Not Red. Mayuko, Charlie’s mommy, explained to us that Annie is Charlie’s Aunt Annie! Hello and welcome to Tokyo! We hope you’ll enjoy your stay! After reading this interesting book to us she then had another surprise for us. She took out a Geode Rock and broke it in half right in front of us using a hammer and a chisel. When she opened it we all got a chance to hold the rock and see how white and sparkly the inside of the rock was. We could touch the inside and feel the rough texture. Aunt Annie was very nice to let us keep the book and the Geode Rock! Thank you so much!

After this wonderful surprise, we went up for a nice swim to beat this hot weather!

Today was a fun day and we all had fun exploring under the ocean! Tomorrow we can’t wait to explore the Jungle!