Exploring Nature

Good morning world! We had another great day at Ohana. When we arrived at school we quickly finished our morning jobs and got straight to business. We had a lot of activities today. On the main table we had play dough and in the art area we had free art and finger crayons with leaf stencils. Today’s theme was exploring nature. The teachers prepared for us leaves and acorns to touch and feel on the sensory table. We used the finger crayons to color the leaf stencils and made beautiful leaf patterns.

            After snack time Liezel took us on a journey to a jungle. She read us a book called “Where the Forest Meets the Sea.” The book was about a boy and his dad going to a island far away. The book was full of beautiful pictures of the wild jungle. We learned that we have to take care and protect our rainforests or else we won’t have any more nature. When Liezel was finished taking us to the jungle it was time to go get some fresh air outside. In a hot day like this, there’s nothing more fun than splashing water! We went up to the pool and before you know it, it was time for lunch. We got dressed and got back to class. We had another great music session with the teachers and our friends.

            Tremendous Tuesday! We did so much today and had a lot of fun! The wind today was very nice but we have to remember to drink a lot of water and stay cool under the sun. Tomorrow we are going to have a special guest come and take us on our next adventure! We will see you all tomorrow have a great day!


The lovely angels of Buds Class 2017