A NASA- Certified Monday

Dear Mom and Dad,

            It was a steaming hot Monday! Whew! It’s a good thing that today, we had the opportunity to escape the summer heat and travel to…….space!  

            Today, we left behind our chef’s hat, and we exchanged it for googly alien eyes and an astronaut helmet. It was our first day of being explorers, and we had the chance to explore outer space. After doing our morning jobs, some of us made some alien hats- we colored them and chose some colorful pipe cleaners to hold up our googly eyes. We also got to choose how many eyes we wanted to have- some of us wanted three eyes! Yikes!  

            We cleaned up after playing with some toys on the carpet, and a board game about recycling with Natalie. We ate an early snack, and got ready for waterplay and our last gym class for the summer with Miyashita sensei (It was Miyashita Monday, after all). When we were done, Hisami showed us her hair which was cut off last Friday; her hair is now stylishly short. We were curious as to why she saved her hair, and she told us that she donates her hair to a Non- Profit Organization that makes wigs for sick children- these are children who get really sick, so they need to take a powerful medicine to make them better, but it makes them lose their hair in the process. We thought it was such a nice gesture from Hisami- maybe we can do the same thing, too, what do you think?  

            Since we had a big group today, we were split into Group 1 and Group 2; Group 1 went to waterplay first, and Group 2 had their gym. We swapped activities after 20- 30 minutes. Miyashita sensei played with us our favorite games- the “Banana” game, “Gorilla”, “Wolf”, and “Potato” game. We can do a demo for you, if you’re curious about what these games are- maybe we can play them when we’re at the park, or if we have lots of friends coming over!  

            After that, we saw that Pauline had prepared the projector- you know how projectors get us all excited, as we love watching a good film! She talked about how rocket ships are the only things that can go into outer space, and that astronauts can travel to the moon. Then she played a special video and a song about the planets- there are a lot, but the song helped us remember most of them: Mercury, is the nearest to the sun; Venus is the brightest in the sky during the evening; Earth is our planet; Mars is the red planet; Jupiter is the biggest of them all; Saturn has rings around it; Uranus has 27 moons; and, finally, Neptune, which is made of gas. We also saw that the sun is in the middle, and all the planets go around it. Do you know that it takes 365 days for the earth to go around the sun? That’s one year!  

            Next, we pretended to be in a space ship, as watched the next video. We were traveling from planet to planet, it was so cool. Do you remember those 4D or 3D rides at theme parks? It sure felt that way!        

            Alas, all good adventures must come to an end, and we had a good rest during quiet time. We wonder what we’ll explore tomorrow………


All the adorable aliens and astronauts in Flowers and Petals Class