Where do we all come from?

We had a lovely time playing in the park and didn’t realise that it was such a hot day. Luckily, we took our water bottles with us so we could rehydrate our bodies throughout the time that we were playing there. When we came back to school we relaxed on the carpet with the lights off and listened to our party songs again. We can’t seem to get enough of listening to them and Owen was in charge of pushing the play button on our CD player today.

We spent the morning telling our teachers where we come from and helping them put our drawings on the map. Some of us come from a few countries so we need to put yarn in different places. When we have put all our pictures onto the map, we will make another piece of yarn go from our pictures to Japan because this is how we are linked together, and of course, through all of us being at Ohana International School. Zoe, Jotaro and Alexander, drew themselves. We added the pictures of the food that we are singing about that originally comes from certain countries. We put our names and the many words that we wrote during the week for the names of countries and food.

Today was Owen’s last day at Ohana so when we woke up we sat together to say goodbye and tell him things like “we’ll miss you”, “I love you”, “have a nice holiday”, “enjoy your new school” etc.

We sat together on the balcony and looked at our plants which seem to have grown longer since we measured them last, especially the radishes. At one stage, we thought that the radishes were full grown however when we looked at the leaves today, they were wider and their stems were much longer. The edamame keep on crawling up the bamboo vine that we made for them. Yesterday, Shelley met with a lady about the deck upstairs and creating a garden and she said that they will be ready in July or August. That’s a long time to wait to eat our homegrown edamame! We watered them carefully and look forward to the day when we will be able to eat them.

We did a short practice with one or two songs in our classroom before going to have our snack. We stood on the line in the order that we will stand for the party and sang “Jan Pierewiet”, “We have moussaka on a Monday”, “Twinkle, twinkle, little star” and “If I lived over in Paris, France”. We used pictures of moussaka and the other food to guide us so that we knew in which order to sing the words. M – Monday, moussaka; T – Tuesday, tacos; W – Wednesday, wonton; T – Thursday, turkey; F – Friday, falafel, S – Saturday, soufflé, S – Sunday, smorgasbord.

We drew a little bit more on our big earth and our teachers will attach string from it so that we can all hold it when we sing “It’s a small world”.

We met two of the students who came from Canada to do their International Placement at Ohana International School. They will start working from Monday next week and for another four weeks in summer school. There are three students so each class will have one student next week. We want to wish all of our friends and teachers a wonderful weekend and we are looking forward to spending a fun filled week together for our last week in Petals Class.


All the children in Petals Class.