Is there a doctor in the house

We had a lovely time playing in the park and enjoying having time to run around and use up much of our energy. Some of us were sweating a lot even though it wasn’t such a hot day. We have been using the climbing frame a lot lately, developing our upper body strength and becoming more agile and confident.

This morning, in our classroom, we noticed some rectangular shapes on the table. They were like flat boxes and when Hisami sat with us, she asked us if we knew what they were. Of course, we knew what they were. We said that they were chocolates! Hisami was surprised because we don’t know how to read. How did we know that they were chocolates? We just knew. It is hard to explain to our teachers that sometimes we just know things, and we don’t know how to explain, how we know them!

   Mirai knew that the red box was brown chocolate and the white box was white chocolate. What were we going to do with chocolates? There were also some strawberries and a bunch of bananas on the table. We peeled the bananas and pulled the green leaves off the strawberries before we cut the bananas into pieces. Hisami opened the chocolates up and we broke a few squares and put them into a small dish. She put the dish into the microwave and when she took it out, the chocolate had melted. We added a skewer to the bananas and strawberries and dipped them into the chocolate and then placed them on a baking sheet. We loved the smell and felt excited about eating them later. Shelley took them all up to the refrigerator and when she got there, she decided that maybe it would be fun to freeze them. Wow, they were sooooo cold when we ate them after lunch time. They were frozen. Hisami told us that if we keep them in our mouths, they will melt from the warmth inside our bodies. It felt fun to eat them like this.

There were quite a lot left so some of us ate a few more when we got up after nap time. Yum! We played some games to strengthen our fine motor skills and we did puzzles and a letters of the alphabet matching game.    

One of our favourites is still the dramatic play area and this morning Miles dressed up as an astronaut, Charlie was the resident doctor in the hospital, Risako was the surgeon and Maddy and Alona were the nurses.  Dev was also a doctor in training. Shelley was the patient today and she took a lot of prodding and poking from us. Charlie listened to her heart while Dev and Risako gave her shots. Alona and Maddy gave her things to drink. Earlier on Risako attached a feeding tube to her arm with a very long bandage. We spent a longtime in the hospital trying to make Shelley better and feeding her. When we started to give her too much food, she cried for her mum and wanted to get out of bed. And she did!

   Jotaro made a dinosaur using one of the construction toys. We sat together on the mat and looked at pictures of the different foods that we are singing about in our “Shmorgasbord” song. We now know what moussaka, tacos, wonton, turkey, falafel, soufflé and smorgasbord look like. We went through the days of the week and sang “There are seven days in a week”. We listen to our CD of songs every day over and over and we break into song throughout the day. We are excited for you to come and see our end of year party next week.

Thanks for a fabulous morning.


All the “doctors” in Petals Class.