When I grow up

Dear Flower Class Moms and Dads,

We hope you all enjoyed the glorious weather at the weekend and had a good time with your children. We started the morning with some special manipulative toys on the small table. We haven’t seen these toys for a while and are made of a very soft rubber that slot together. We were able to string many of them together and made necklaces and bracelets as well as snakes.


On the main table, there were a few of us that didn’t have the chance to make origami dinosaurs last week and so today we chose the kind of paper we wanted to use and made a giant brachiosaurus each. These are going into our special portfolio books. Several of us wanted to play chess again today and so we put out the big Harry Potter chess set to play. It was good that one of our friends in Flowers Class knows how to play and was able to teach us some of the moves. In the carpet area, we saw the big ‘puppet theatre’ and put on a bit of a show using the Gruffalo puppet today.


After eating our yummy snacks, we had a short time to practice for our end of year party / graduation. We have particular places to sit or stand and today we made sure we are in the right places with our friends next to us.


Today we practiced the 3 songs we are going to sing on the day and are all using our nice singing voices. In gym time, we warmed up with lots of stretches and balancing exercises. We tried standing on one leg with our arms out while Miyashita Sensei counted to 10. It was a little difficult and we then changed legs to balance. We also sat on our bottoms with our legs and arms stretched out to balance and again Miyashita Sensei counted to 10. We are getting very good at the ‘Bridge’ pose with our friends and can hold the position up to the count of 5. We then followed Miyashita Sensei by walking (Aruku), making sure our knees went up nice and high. We then tried running (Hashiru) in formation in a big circle around the classroom. Next was the ‘bear walk’ in a circle with our friends and finally the ‘crocodile walk’.


To practice our throwing and catching skills we divided into 2 groups, and then with the teachers we tried throwing a ball overhead and having our partners catch it. For our end of class game, we played a creeping up game where we crept up on Miyashita Sensei and when he awoke we ran away to the other side of the classroom! This was so much fun. In circle time we had a big discussion about ‘The Future’, what happens after school, then when we finish school what we would like to be when we grow up. We had lots of ideas about what happens after school including “When you finish all the school, you will grow up”, You’ll grow up to be an adult, you’ll work”, “You’ll grow up to be mommy and daddy” and “You’ll grow up and pay money”. We played a game with some money and thought of lots of things we need to spend money on. Our friend wants to be a doctor when she grows up and we thought of lots of things she will need to pay money for including; toys, food, clothes, apartment or house, car, furniture, water, gas etc. When we thought of something we took a little of the toy money from our friend until she had only a little left. Many of us wanted to know how much money particular jobs pay but the teachers were not so sure. 


All the teachers and Children in Flowers Class