Cars of the future and Wind Spirals

Dear Summer School Parents,

Oooh, rain again today! We were a little disappointed to see the rain on the last day of our ‘Little Inventors’ summer school week. It is also with great sadness that today was my last day of summer school at Ohana. I have sent out a separate message via and hope you are able to receive it. Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement and support. May all your futures be bright and filled with love and laughter.


 We were hoping the rain would stop and we could go to the park! On the main table we saw the big car we started designing yesterday with the built in shower, flower garden, slide and swings etc but we wanted to add some more of our ideas. We came to the table this morning and using the colored markers we drew a nice blue toy-box with pink toys inside. We saw that the teachers had already labelled many of the parts we drew in yesterday morning. On the second table we discovered some bright colored sheets of paper with lots of foam shapes nearby. We used the foam shapes to be designers and adding more details with the colored markers was lots of fun. The glue was all sticky and it did a good job of sticking the pieces it also got all over our hands!


On the carpet the ball run toys were popular with many of us along with the car track toys. The jungle puzzles and the castle puzzle were very popular today and together with the teachers we managed to complete all of them in record time.


We had a whole group of princesses in the class library today playing with Hisami and all of them were wearing crowns. After packing away the toys and art materials we all got together with Hisami, Natalie and Renee to sing some of our favorite songs and rhymes before washing our hands and eating our yummy snacks. Natalie came to the class library to read a great book all about the fastest things on earth and it showed us things like trains, cars, cheetah’s and different kinds of birds. Thank you Natalie, it was a very interesting book. We were nearly ready to head to the park but then when we looked outside we saw that it had started to rain again….boo hoo. In circle time we discussed the Lowland areas of Europe and how they use windmills to pump water from one area of the land to another. We tried moving some water from one part of the classroom to another by all lining up and passing a cup of water along the line to our friends.


It was quite slow with only one or two dropped cups of water along the way. When we reviewed what else we had made this week related to the wind we remembered the origami windmills we made earlier this week as well as the paper airplanes yesterday. We thought it would be a good idea to make a spiral wind charm which could spin in the wind too. We saw an example that Renee had made and when we put it in front of the electric fan it span and span around. We moved to the table so that we could make our own ‘wind spinner’ and used the colored markers to decorate them first. Next we practiced our cutting skills and started to cu the spiral toward the center. We attached a piece of string to the center and then put them in front of the fan again. Wow, they worked !! We were so happy that some of us wanted to run and see them spin behind us….maybe on the way home then! Today was also the last day for several of our class friends too and we will miss them all very dearly. Have a great summer!

Have a great weekend,

Love always,

Darren, Hisami, Natalie and Renee