We are ready for take off!


            Good morning world! At long last the sun has come out to play, and boy are we excited for today! We took care of our morning jobs in a jiffy and greeted our teachers and friends. On the main table we had various block puzzles for our little inventor hands to develop fine motor skills, so we can make machines later in the day. In the carpet area we had our favorite giant lego blocks! We love these huge blocks because we can make anything out of them and since they are so big we have to work together with our friends to make something. We also had a new friend join us today! We are so happy to have new friends and we can’t wait to play together!


            After quickly cleaning up the toys we had music time and today we got to sing to our friends, and got to listen to our friends sing! It was so nice to hear our friend’s solo performances. Some of our friends sang our favorite songs and we just couldn’t help but to join in and sing with them! We held our hands to our mouth as if we were holding a mic and sang our hearts out.

            At last, the sun has come out and it is a great day to go to the park! We haven’t been able to go to the park yet this week so this opportunity was something we’ve been waiting for. We left a little earlier and had our circle time at the park. Jen made us paper airplanes of all different shapes and we flew then to see which one traveled the farthest. After our little experiment we grabbed our favorite plane and flew around the park with them.

            Today was another super fun day. Hopefully the weather will stay nice tomorrow too so we can go out to the park again!


The awesome aviators of Buds Class 2016-2017