Trains go Choo-Choo!  

Good Morning everyone! Although it was cloudy again today we were energetic and curious like always! After getting our morning duties done, we were greeted with a lot of trains! There was a projector showing all different kinds of trains of shape and colors from all over the world. Some were like trains we see here in Japan and some were very long carrying a lot of heavy things. We also had train toys and connecting puzzles to practice for the activity that was to come later in the day. Since it wasn’t raining outside we decided to go for a walk. Once all our friends got to school we put on our smocks and got ready to head out.


            We headed out for a walk early today and enjoyed a very long walk around the neighborhood. We sang lots of songs while we took a stroll. By the time we got back we were hungry, so we had our snack and read some books. We also had Nimo play his violin for us and we sang along to some of our favorite tunes. After we got settled down it was time to start our circle time!


For our circle time today we got to be little engineers! We built trains and train tracks with the wooden track sets. We broke up in to four small groups and we worked together with our teammates to build a long train track. It was so much fun working together and building the tracks, after we finished the tracks we connected cars to the trains and ran them around on our tracks that we made.


            Today was another great day at school. Hopefully the sun will shine tomorrow so we can go to the park!us

Terrific Tuesday Angels of Buds Class 2016-2017