A Street Through Time with Inventors

We hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the sunny weather on Saturday. Unfortunately, it was raining when we arrived this morning and although it stopped a little later we knew we would have Miyashita Sensei’s gym class later in the morning.


On the main table we saw lots and lots of art materials; markers, colored pencils, glue, colored paper, straight and wavy scissors, rulers, protractors and set squares. We used the art materials to make whatever we wished. Many of us cut the paper and glued it together into new shapes and then drew pictures of our friends and family too. Hisami saw the colored paper and decided she wanted to make some Anpanman pictures and used a drink carton to see exactly what Anpanman looked like.


 On the main carpet, the little colored animals were very popular and one of us got them out of the container in a funny way; by pouring them all on his head! We were also joined by a new friend today who arrived in the country only on Friday last week immediately settled in and started playing with the animal toys and cars. Welcome! On the second table the corkboards, wooden shapes, hammers and nails activity was very popular with many of us and we made some great pictures by carefully placing the colored blocks, putting the small nails through the appropriate holes and nailing them to the corkboard.


The wooden and plastic construction set was also popular and we made a motorbike with Yuhei’s help on the carpet. After packing away the toys and art materials we got together with Natalie and made a big circle to sit down. Together we sang the ‘What is your name’? song to learn our new friend’s names. Soon it was time for our snack and then soon after it was time for our weekly gym class. It is always great to see Miyashita Sensei and we enjoyed warming up with some jumping, squatting, stretching and balance work. Today we practiced our forward roll skills and balancing on the big round cushions. We played one of our favorite games to finish off the session. Miyashita Sensei rolled the ball towards us and we had to move out of the way and run to the opposite side of the room as quickly as we could. We were very good at this and gave a big cheer at the end!


In circle time we had a discussion about this week’s theme ‘Little Inventors’. The teachers drew a picture of a pen on the whiteboard and then an earlier ‘ink’ pen and then a feather. A long time ago people used feathers to write with instead of the modern 'ball pen’. We then saw the same thing with a light bulb, a lantern and a candle. In the book ‘A street through time’ we saw a modern street with bicycles, vans, planes in the sky and lots of other modern things.


When we looked back in the book we saw that a long time ago there were no airplanes, bicycles, vans etc and people made their houses from wood and straw. As time went on they started to use stone etc. Lots of inventions made the world a very different place!


Have a great afternoon,


Darren, Hisami, Natalie and Yuhei