First rain in Summer!

Dear Moms and Dads,

              Oh no! It’s a rainy day today and we feel that we’re not going to the park. We hope that the rain would stop soon so that we could have the opportunity to play outside. We finished our morning jobs with a big smile on our faces and we definitely enjoy moving around the classroom just to see what activities were prepared for us.

              After that, we all went to our activity tables and we found our sensory tray filled with shredded paper. It has various colors and we just couldn’t take our eyes and hands off of it. To our excitement, our friends sprinkled some pieces of paper on the floor as well. When we found out about it, some of us, with the help of our teachers took the dust pan and broom. We gradually swept the floor and put the pieces back in the tray. We were so engaged, able to explore the texture and learn a lot about colors. In the tray, we also found small animal toys. We used our magnifying glasses just to discover more of it.

              We got a wall covered with a canvas. Every now and then, our teachers were asking us if we wanted to paint. One of our friends volunteered to do it and she enjoyed making lots of strokes with yellow, blue and red colors. After that, she looked at her teachers and said, “I’m finished!”  There was also the cellophane art that we also loved to do. We got some cellophane cut-outs and stuck them on our sticky plastic sheet. What lovely design and patterns we have made! I am so proud of my work! The sensory area was quite busy too because we had the tongs to use for pinching some pine cones. This is a good practice for our fine motor skills.

                  The chalkboard is now available because we just bought new ones from the shop. We just couldn’t stop making scribbles and lines. The other side of the board, we also had the whiteboard. The whiteboard markers were quite popular to use too.

            Lastly, the kitchen and dress up area were so busy too. We loved to put the Barney, Spiderman and Robot costumes on. We walked around the classroom and proudly showed our costumes to our teachers and friends.

               For our circle time, we talked about the weather. We also had our singing time and we just loved to sing and dance the whole time. We moved our feet, clapped our hands and jumped as much as we could. Our favorite song, “Skidamarink” was playing in the classroom; we hugged and made sure that our friends got little kisses from all of us.

            Sayaka was there to help us out to make a play dough too. We have red play dough and it was really interesting to make one for our class. We mixed the flour, water and put the food color until we’re able to see a real dough in our container.

            It was still fun to be in our class because we’ve got the tunnel cloth again and practice our gross motor skills. Thank you so much Ohana for another great day and see you all again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

All the artistic children from Buds class 2016-2017