Summer Fun Starts...... NOW!

Dear Mom and Dad,

         Today was the first day of summer school, and we welcomed new friends in class. Hello S, L, and J! We hope you will enjoy your stay with us!

            So, our day started with doing our morning jobs, which we helped our new friends with. We told them where to put their snacks, lunch, and water bottle. When all’s well and done, it’s off to play we go!

            The big table had our manipulative toys in it; this was the first thing that caught our S’s eye. He liked sliding down some wooden pieces on the stick. Some of us played with the abacus. Our friend L used a hammer to make some pieces fit together.     

The other table was for art- we drew whatever came to our fancy, or tried to write something. Our friend G enjoyed putting purple dots on her paper; AA used different colors to write and draw on hers. Y, AE, and EM were on the other side, and they enjoyed making some drawings as well.

            On the carpet, J made a beeline for the big Lego blocks that we have. He enjoyed stacking them up with ER, who had arrived with her very cool sunglasses. ST was busy playing with the fire truck, and he was letting some of the toy animals ride on it.

            Our friend W was busy at the sensory table, marveling at the different textures the wooden chips and pinecones had, and he was interested in how squishy our “jelly bag” was. Inside the jelly bag he saw some sea creatures inside, and tried to name them all.

            M had his hard hat on- guess he’s busy at work as well! He was using the tongs to transfer the gold and silver pine cones we had from one container to another.

            B came to school with something cool- a yellow ukulele! He tried to be like John- John and sat in the corner, strumming his ukulele and humming songs.

            Miyashita sensei came to our class after we packed away- yay for gym class! Some of our friends went upstairs in the balcony to have their snacks and play there, while the other half of the group did their gym class. As usual, gym class was interesting- we did our normal warm- up routines, then we practiced throwing and catching the ball. We also practiced doing some “forward roll” on the mat; A helped Miyashita sensei do a wonderful demo for us.

            After gym class, we relaxed and played with some blocks and play dough; some of us read books in the library, or sang songs while John was playing the guitar. All in all, it was a good first day of summer school.


All the summer- ready children in Buds Class.