Our Hawaiian Party

Dear Buds Daddies and Mommies,

            It was a lovely day to be with you. It’s another time of saying goodbye to our friends who are moving up to Petals class. It has been a great year for all of us and we can’t wait to see you guys again in summer school.

 Before we started the program, we sang our good morning song with our mommies and daddies. It was really nice to have them today because they got to see how well we could dance and sing to our songs. We also got the projector and set up the big screen. We saw the beach with a coconut tree. Then, our teachers put up the aquarium where we could find lots of big and small fishes.

            The group was complete and the first things that we did were to give the lei flowers to our parents. We always honor and love them so much for they have done everything for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

It was finally time to perform what we have been practicing for so long. First we started singing the Smile song with John John playing the guitar and Nimo on the Violin. Next we sang I love you mommy and daddy to our mommies and daddies, then we sang the Moana song with everyone.

            After our singing session we performed our hula dance! Ai-chan’s mama, Hideko and Maryna put on grass skirts and taught us how to dance the Hukilau song. We then danced together with everyone and it was so much fun!  Hideko and Maryna were so graceful when they were dancing, hope we can get to be as graceful as then when we grow up!

            After the Hula dancing the teacher announced that they have gifts for us to take home! We got our Art Portfolio, an Yearbook and a card with a message from our teachers. We also got a bag full of goodies, it had a handmade palm tree maybe by our teachers and a really neat Tie-dye t-shirt made for us by the teachers!  Our teachers were surprised when they found out that WE had a special present for them! After the presents we had a special speech from Shelley and it was finally time to eat!

All our parents brought a lot of food and snacks for our special party today. There was cream cheese sandwich, zucchini cake, fried rice, carrot juice, cookies, and sooooo much more!

            Once we finished eating all the great food everyone brought for us, it was time to finish the show. We had two more songs to sing, which were “Somewhere over the rainbow,” and “This little light of mine.” With our little candles in hand we waved and danced with them and did a Hawaiian night themed performance! After we said our good-byes it was time to take a nap and before you knew it our mommies were here to pick us up.

            We prepared so much and so long for this party and it definitely was worth every minute of it! Thank you mommy and daddy for making the time to come! We love you!

Here is a short message from our Bud’s teachers.

Dear Buds Parents

            The year flew by right before our eyes and it’s hard to believe that this school year is already over. It was a great pleasure and words can’t even begin to describe how much of an honor it has been being your children’s teachers. We have, and we will continue to wish for your families happiness and may good fortune come to such lovely people such as yourselves. Once again, Thank you for all the support for our class and for trusting us.

            Have a great summer! For those of you that are leaving Ohana, we will miss you and hope all goes well. For those of you staying, we will see you in the summer or next year!

From Buds Class with love,

John, Sayaka, Chiaki, Nimo, Goh