Sense (of touch) and Sensibility

Walking, walking...Ooh!...Eee!...Oof!

Walking, walking...Ooh!...Eee!...Oof!

Dear Mom and Dad,

        Happy Thursday! This week is the last week before spring break. We’re excited to go on a holiday, or stay at home to rest and spend the whole week with you. But, of course, we’ll miss Ohana a lot!     

        After doing our morning jobs, we sat down with Hisami, and she helped us make a beautiful spring picture- just like the books we had on the table filled with pictures of flowers and butterflies. We used origami paper to make tulips, then we cut some green paper to make leaves. We stuck some stickers in different shapes, turning them into bugs, leaves, or flowers.     

        We made some bracelets with Liezel on the other table, and we did our best to thread the beads through the pipe cleaners. Some of us put it on as soon as they were done; others chose to do it for the special woman in their lives- mommy! On the other side of the table, we played with the playdough- we enjoyed making different shapes, flattening them with a rolling pin, or cutting the dough into many pieces with a cookie cutter.

        After cleaning up, Hisami took out some interesting things: a patch of artificial turf (fake grass), bubble wrap, and some wooden pieces. Then, she took off her socks, and she stepped on each of them! Oh my! Then she picked some of our friends to do the same. We watched as they used their feet to feel the different textures. Some of them described it as ticklish; some used the words “poppy” and “woody”. We’re eager to continue this activity tomorrow; it’s nice to know our different reactions to different things.     

        We read “The Surprise Garden” before going to the park; we enjoyed seeing different vegetables grow from tiny seeds! We hope we can plant some in our classroom, then eat them for lunch! Heehee!

        Pauline also told us a story when we came back from the park; it was a story about a princess, who was rich and lived in a beautiful castle. She had ALL the toys she ever wanted, but she always threw them at something, steps on them, and she never packs away her toys. So, a mysterious old woman appeared in her dream one night, saying that she was the toys’ fairy godmother. The fairy godmother was disappointed with her, and said her toys will be gone the next day. When she woke up, all her toys were gone! She found them under her bed and was surprised to learn that they could speak! The toys said they were running away from her to look for a new home, because they get hurt and sad when the princess doesn’t take care of them. The princess realized her mistake, and she apologized, promising to take good care of them from now on by playing nicely, not stepping on them, and packing them away nicely. We thought about it, and realized that we should the same in our classroom, of course!

        So, that concludes our Happy Thursday- see you tomorrow again Ohana!



 All the children in Petals Class.