The Lorax!

Dear Mom and Dad,

 We were happy to see the sunshine this morning after yesterday’s rainy day. We love it when the sun shines and we know we can get to the park to run and play.


We started a book yesterday called ‘The Lorax’ by Dr. Seuss and many of us were wondering what happened to the Lorax in the story as we only got about a third of the way through the book yesterday. In the story the ‘Once-ler’ chopped down lots of ‘Truffula’ trees to make a special garment with the soft silky tops of the trees. Unfortunately, the ‘Brown-barba-Loots’ also eat the fruit from the trees and go hungry. We are all wondering now what will become of the Brown-barba-Loots as they have no food and need to leave. The Lorax was understandably very angry that the Once-ler chopped down many of the trees and even made a machine that could cut more than one at a time.


We will continue the story tomorrow and hope the Brown-barba-Loots are okay. We made lots of spotty pictures at the main table today. the marker pens are very bright and especially made for making spots on the paper.


Some of us made hearts and flower pictures which looked really beautiful. The two colored play-dough was also very popular for making ckes this morning with alternation layers of white glittered and blue play-dough. On the second table we were taught by one of our friends how to play chess. We now know the moves for the little pawns and the rooks (Castles) and shall try the bishops tomorrow as we don’t know how they move yet! On the main carpet we helped each other put together the big long alphabet train. It took us a little while to put it together but once we had the alphabet puzzle to help guide us we were able to put it together very quickly. The play tents, cushions and play mobile phones were all popular today with many of us making pretend calls to our mommies.


In our small circle time before having snacks we discussed what it meant to show respect and came up with the idea that it means to show we care about our friends and families feelings and their property. We also saw how important it is to look at our friends and teachers when they are talking to us. We saw how we became sad when we were talking to the teachers and they were looking elsewhere. At first we thought it a little strange and then felt sad! After snack time we read the Lorax book together and got ready for the park. It was nice spring weather in the park and we enjoyed meeting a new friend (Momo the dog) and enjoyed playing Sumo with Pooja.

Have a great afternoon,

Love, Darren, Pooja, Pauline and all the imaginative children in Flowers Class.