It’s raining outside and we’re excited to be in Buds class once again. It was really nice to see our friends and teachers. In the morning, we went inside the classroom and greeted our teachers with a warm smile and a big hug.

            After doing our morning jobs, we went to our activity tables and did our painting from last week. Revisiting our artwork is always important for us to do because there’s always room for us to get very creative with our paintings. Today, John put out the mud mixture and he asked us to use the paintbrushes to paint with it on canvas. It’s a fantastic mud painting and we scribbled all over our paper until the texture was showing up.

            Goh-san was in the carpet area and she was always kind and patient with us. Today, we put the train tracks and we’re pretty good at making the train station for our friends. The sand table was quite easy to spot and we immediately went to it just to discover more rocks and wooden chips. Chiaki was in the library and she brought William’s transportation book. She pointed at the pictures and said the names of each vehicle. We had the fire trucks, ambulance, helicopter, airplane, ships, submarine and many more. It was fun sitting down and listening to her.

            After reading the books, Chiaki was there to help us out with the cooking. Today was also our international month and we’re going to talk about Canada. She lived in Canada for two years and she said that it was fascinating to live and enjoy the life there. While some of our friends were busy cooking pancakes, one of us borrowed the camera from our teacher and of course, she was reminded to be very careful when using it. She went around the classroom and snapped some pictures. It was quite a while and when she’s finished using it, we saw that she had taken wonderful pictures. Definitely, our teachers are going to save this for more documentation.

            Chiaki also read a Christmas book. We were quite puzzled because Christmas time was already finished and we thought that we’re going to read more books about spring. However, the book was about Santa Claus visiting Vancouver. Vancouver is actually in Canada and we would love to go there someday. We also sang songs with her and introduced us the song “Baby Beluga”. The singer’s name is Raffi and he’s a famous singer for children in Canada. John showed us the boomwhackers for more musical experience in the classroom. We just love to move and explore music each day.

            Before snack time, Chiaki showed us special syrup from Canada. It was the maple syrup and it came from the maple tree. We tried some of it and it was really sweet. The pancakes were so delicious too. Thank you so much Ohana and have a wonderful day!

Lots of love,

All the fun children from Buds class 2016-2017