Let's move our body!

Good morning everyone! It’s a lovely Monday and we arrived at Ohana with lots of smiles on our faces. There were some amazing activities again on our tables and we’re always ready to use and do what we needed to do in the classroom. On one table, we had the painting activity that we did last week and we were wondering why we’re going to do it again today. We discovered that there were some dot markers around. Hence, we sat down and got our own markers. Some of our friends are still learning how to open the lid because we actually had to twist it until it opens. Since our fine motor skills are still developing, we tried really hard to open it. When it was very challenging our teachers stepped in and we asked them to help us out. We will keep on practicing this skill until we get it.

            The other table was filled with Montessori equipments and we’re very glad to use some of these materials in our classroom. There were some slot-in cylinders and thumb press-down bars. We all sat down and our teachers told us that we need to use one material at a time because in Montessori method, there were materials that you can share and some materials that you need to spend time alone using. One of our friends was able to perform and finish all the slot-in cylinders quickly. Her approach was to look at each holes from the bars before deciding which cylinder goes to where. One of us was comparing the cylinders and he needed to try out all the holes before finding the right one. There's also one friend who was very busy and she finished doing the task all by herself. Some of us tried out pressing the bars with their thumb and index finger.

            Before going up to Petals for gym class, we all made a circle and listened to our teachers quietly. Our teachers told us if we could copy the actions that they would do. We put our arms up then wiggled our hands, we rolled our hands, touched our nose, mouth, ears, shoulders and tummy. Then, John brought out the Jack-in-the-box toy and he turned it to make music until the clown came out. We also learned a song today “I am a little teapot” together with the actions.

            For our gym class, Miyashita-sensei was here to do the warm-up and stretching workout for us. We also played the “Ghost game”. We ran from one end to the other. A friend of ours copied his language in Japanese. She said, “Dong, dong, dong, dare desu ka?” We definitely had a terrific time moving and exploring everything with our bodies. We then all made a circle for the last activity. We sang “Ojita…” wherein we moved around with our friends and teachers. Next, he asked what we like to eat in Japanese. We replied, “Peach!” and pretended that we ate all of it. Yummy! We also sang more songs about it.  

            We headed out and walked around the neighborhood. It’s good to walk and have some fresh air. When we went back and Sayaka read a book for us. The title of the book was “Don’t worry bear”. The story was about a bear who saw cocoon on the tree. He was quite worried because the cocoon mightfall onto the ground. The rain fell, the sun came and the wind blew so hard but the cocoon stayed attached on the tree. However, the bear found out that the cocoon was right on the floor. He looked at it closely and saw that it was empty. He thought that his friend caterpillar was gone and he was so sad. All of a sudden, there was a butterfly flying around him. The butterfly said that she was the caterpillar and they both played happily together.

            Thank you so much and have a great day! See you again tomorrow for another adventurous time in Buds class!

Lots of love,

All the energetic children from Buds class 2016-2017