Gong hei fat choy! Wishing more good luck!

Good morning everyone! It was a great day again in Buds class. We are always looking forward to the fun activities that our teachers prepared for us. After our morning jobs, Chiaki showed us how to do our special art activity. Our Valentine’s Day is coming up and we’re all ready to make special gifts for our parents on this very special occasion.

            Chiaki showed us how to do art by ripping the colored tissue paper and stick it on the soft laminating sheet. We had so much fun doing it with our teachers because we felt that it was a good practice of our fine motor skills. Using our fingers to rip the paper off is always part of our learning experience in the classroom. After that, we went to our play dough table and started using the Popsicle sticks and muffin paper cups to make our very own cake. We pounded, rolled and molded the dough until we made our special dish for everyone. Sayaka was also there to help us out and she was very patient and really taught us more on how to use our sculpting skills.

            After our busy play time, we cleaned up all our toys and we’re ready to have our circle time. Seneca and Japer came to our class and they hosted our international month today. They presented China or Hong Kong. To be more specific, they talked about the Chinese New Year. She read a book with a title “Lucky New Year”. The book talked about the various food and other traditional activities. They also brought many treats for us to enjoy. We had the radish cake, the golden cake, the red envelop (lai see), the couplets we hang on the wall, the paper cut-outs, some tangerines, candy box which is the “chun hap”. The Money God, “choi-san” is in the candy box as well. As part of the yummy treats, there was a cracker which we also called, “dan san”. We also learned how to say, “Gong hei fat choi” which means “wishing you more luck this year”. Thank you so much for the wonderful Chinese New Year celebration.

            We split the group today and some of us went to the park and others stayed in the classroom to play some balls. It was a really good experience for everyone and we’re so glad to be able to play and enjoy our time here at Ohana. Thank you so much and see you again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

All the fantastic children from Buds class 2016-2017

Ohana International School