Japan and our digital landscape

Good morning Buds! It was a beautiful day again today. We started our day with so many wonderful learning activities. After doing our morning jobs, we noticed that our teachers were setting up something with the laptop and the projector. Later on, they turned off the lights and we suddenly saw that they were some videos and images projecting on our walls. It was a magical moment because everyone was on their toes to touch and feel the image. We really imagined that we were all in the ocean exploring the whole vast space with various creatures in it.      We saw lots of coral reefs, octopus, sharks, dolphins and many more. We were even experimenting with our shadows because we always wanted to go to where the light was coming from.  Some of our friends brought many materials like toys and books just to see their shadow.

            On the other table, we got the shaving cream art. Our teachers put the cream on the cover sheet and a tinge of paint and then we started mixing them all together. We used some spoons but mainly our hands did the spreading. We just loved touching and feeling the shaving cream because of the texture. It really gives us more opportunity to discover what we could do with our art.

            The other table was filled with the nature sensory art. We got our tweezers and we started getting the chopped wood and rocks with them. We showed our teachers how well we could use our hands to manipulate these natural materials and we found out that we had to put them on our wooden trays.  It was a fascinating learning experience that we had today.

            During our circle time, Momo’s parents (Teruki and Yoko) visited Buds class to do our international month. We did a little introduction about them and our teachers asked us if we knew where we’re from. Most of us said that they are from Japan. Perhaps, they understand that we’re all living and enjoying the life here in this wonderful country.  Teruki and Yoko presented some wonderful things about Japan. First, they gave us a bag of treats and showed that inside the bag there was a paper balloon called, “kamifuusen”.  Teruki blew one balloon and we all began throwing it up and down. Yoko showed us “jinbei” and it’s a traditional summer clothes for the Japanese. Some of our friends loved to wear “jinbei” and took a picture with them. We also heard a story about Momotaro the peach boy. Momo’s mom read the story and we learned more about how brave he was. Momotaro was able to fight and defeat the “Onii”. Thank you for the wonderful activity. We really enjoyed everything you taught us about Japan! It is indeed a beautiful country!

            After our international month presentation, we divided the groups into two again. One group went to the park and the other stayed in the balcony. We really loved to be outside and get some fresh air. Thank you so much and have a wonderful day!

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class 2016-2017

Ohana International School