Another Miyashita Monday and Yoga

What a great start to the week it was. Miyashita sensei always gives u so much energy when he comes to school to teach us gymnastics. And the ritual that we now have is that we do Yoga afterwards to quieten our bodies and prepare for some down time in the day. We didn’t have so much down time however we really loved the Yoga, that has a calming effect on us. In our Yoga lesson, today, we did a lot of stretching which is good for our muscles especially after our gymnastics class. Hisami adds something new into our Yoga lessons every week together with some things that we already know.

We did face Yoga sticking our tongue out like a lion, breathing deeply in and out with our thumb touching our Peter Pointer in a circle shape. We rested our hands on our knees when we did this. We did the vowel sounds trying to stretch our mouths and facial muscles as much as possible. We used two fingers and walked forward along our legs and then we walked backwards with the two fingers. We reached up to the sky, stretching as high as possible.

During gymnastics, we did our regular routine with warm ups and balancing and strengthening activities. Some of the exercises we did around the large green mat e. g. bear walk, bunny jumps etc. We also jumped over the elastic that was tied between two chairs and we crawled under it, like a crocodile. Before we jumped over the elastic we did a somersault on the green mat. Miyashita sensei made the elastic higher and we had to try to jump over it like this, two times. Included in this exercise was us doing a somersault and sitting in “tai so suwari” rather than standing up. We had to then jump over the elastic as before. Then Miyashita sensei added something new. The game was called the traffic light game. When he said “aoi” we had to walk two steps and stop; when he said “kiro” we had to look to the left and the right and when he said “aka” we had to run away and go back and stand at the wall. The second time we played this game he said the colours “pink” and “kuro” instead of “kiro”. When he said these colours we said “no, no” while still looking to the left and right.

We made our knees like a mountain and moved our hips to twist from side to side. We stood and made the tree poste and pretended that we were surfing. We bent our knees and went down low like the Osumo and pretended that we were going to jump onto a big wave and surf down it to the shore. We made our bodies like a cat, going on all fours, first with a straight back and then with a curved back like cats o when they stretch. We made our bodies like a cow which is similar to the table pose however we curve our tummy area rather than make it flat, like a table. We made a triangle pose with our bodies which is like the dog pose and then we relaxed with soft music and deep breathing. Sighhhhhhh!

We made some black lines on our triptych for the Silent Auction and we also did some dot painting using cotton buds. We met a lovely teacher called Keem who came to see our school and show us how he teaches.

     We played a number game with something that we made together with Hisami out of junk art materials. Hisami used the finger puppet bunny to tell us a story that she had lost her egg. In the egg carton, which we used, there was a number and each of the eggs, wanted to go back into their egg house. Each egg also had a number on it, so our task was to match the egg with its egg house. We had turns to match the eggs and sometimes Hisami asked us, who has number one egg, and we had to check which numbers we were holding.

What a busy world it is and what a busy day it was in Petals Class. We wish Joaquin, Nobu and all our friends who may be sick, “get well soon”. Come back to school soon, please!

All the children in Petals Class.

Ohana International School